15 essential new features hiding in ios 10

15 essential new features hiding in iOS 10

The latest version of iOS, i.e. iOS 10 has come up with some of the best features out there. Well, iOS is known for that, but the changes that have been made in this version are quite impressive but most of these new features are hidden, and even if you have updated to iOS 10, you can only completely benefit from it when you get to know about all of these hidden features.

15 essential new features hiding in iOS 10:

You might have already noticed some changes such as the absence of “slide to unlock” screen which has left a lot of its users confused, a new set of apps, and also you can now pull the menus from three edges, unlike the previous version in which you could only pull from two. But these are nothing as compared to the new hidden features which are there just to make you day easier. So, in this article, we will share with you the 15 essential new features hiding in iOS 10.

  1. Custom widgets

This one is the most thrilling yet frustrating new feature that has come up in iOS 10. In the previous version of iOS, swiping would log you in, but now, swiping will either open the camera or show you an array of widgets. There is now a widget for every common application or program, each of which has something unique to offer. One of the best here is the clock app which lets you know when your alarm is set to go off. We are sure this one will be loved by many.

Opening different apps for news, messages, the calendar can take up a lot of time from your day. It wastes a lot of our time. We all have busy and tight schedules, so this is where this feature comes handy. Now, you can look at new messages that you have received without having to open that particular messaging app, catch a glimpse of all the current affairs, and also check how much time it would take for you to reach your destination on the way or at home without opening these apps. Saves quite a lot of time, isn’t it?

  1. Bedtime

Are you someone who has a problem sleeping at night or someone who constantly feels exhausted? If so, this new bedtime alarm is going to be the game winner of all the features here for you. Bedtime is a new mode in your regular iPhone clock which ensures you have a good night’s sleep.

15 essential new features hiding in ios 10

With this new feature, you can set your preferred sleep and wake time, days on which you want the alarm to be on and also when you want to get a bedtime reminder. You can also set the hours of sleep you need every night. There’s a chart which tracks how many hours of sleep you will be able to get with your wake and sleep timings. But unfortunately, it insists on offering bedtime reminders, if you do not like that, you can continue with your old alarm clock on iPhone.

  1. Better Multi-tasking

iPad users can now keep two pages open at the same time side by side. In the previous version, you could only open one tab and occupy your screen with one window, but thankfully this has changed now.

  1. Music Trimming

We don’t think this one will be liked by many but who knows? Very often our phones run out of data and in that situation, you can either choose to delete stuff from your phone manually or let your phone do it for you. In case you let your phone do it, it will check your list of downloaded music and remove the songs you haven’t listened to in a long time. You can re-upload whenever you like, though.

  1. Smart Unsubscribe

iOS 10 has introduced a new smart unsubscribe option. A lot of spam emails have an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom which is not very visible so now your phone will automatically detect this link in a spam email and create a banner like “unsubscribe” button above that email. To prevent you from opening those emails again, those emails will be marked as “unsubscribed” so now it’s time to say goodbye to those spam emails! But note that this feature is not as efficient yet so the team will have to work on it.

  1. Siri/app interfacing

iOS 10 has now opened up Siri to third-party apps. In the previous versions, Siri’s voice assistance was very limited, but it has expanded now. Remember those days when Siri’s answer to a lot of questions used to be “I don’t know how to help you with that”? Finally, things are changing for better. Siri is now all grown-up. You can now open up your favorite apps with Siri’s voice assistance. You can now also book rides on Uber or Lyft and send messages on some of the messaging apps including Whatsapp and Skype. In case, Siri doesn’t know how to do a particular task; it will just open the app for you.

  1. Text detection

This feature is also not as efficient yet, but it’s on the way. When prompted by a message, your phone will check your routine, create events, book dates, provide information and stuff like that. For example, if someone asks you about your schedule, your phone will highlight that particular line in the text message, and if you tap it, you can check your schedule in the calendar or create events for a particular day and time someone has asked for. This one is a great feature but as we said it’s on the way and is not as efficient right now.

  1. Larger emojis

Yes, you can now use larger emojis in your text messages. Well, not really. You’ll have to send the emoji alone by itself, and only then it will appear larger. If you use it together with your text message, it would be of the same old size. Sadly, your Android user friends won’t be able to see this, but you can use it in conversations with your iOS user friends. It will make your conversations a whole lot colorful and creative.

  1. Auto-emoji

We all envy people who can convey their message just by using emojis. Like seriously, how do they do that? That’s just so creative. But thankfully, with the latest version of iOS, all this has been made possible for us. It doesn’t mean we are suddenly going to become more creative, but now our phone will do that for us. But firstly, you’ll have to download the emoji keyboard on your phone. Secondly, just type any sentence or message and then switch to your emoji keyboard that you installed, and you’ll then notice the words lighting up with all the emoji suggestions above them. It will completely transform your experience.

15 essential new features hiding in ios 10

  1. Organ Donation Awareness

iOS 10 is promoting organ donation. This step taken by Apple is being appreciated by a lot of its consumers. Many of us had at some point have thought of helping people with some disability but didn’t know how. Organ donation is now just a few taps away from us. A little step taken by us can make someone’s life better.

15 essential new features hiding in ios 10

When you create an account on iHealth, you will be asked if you wish to become an organ donor. If you say yes, you will be taken to a directory where you can easily add your name to America’s organ donation register.

  1. One-stop video calling

Very few of us use phone’s inbuilt app as our main form of communication. Instead, we choose to communicate through different apps present in the market. We guess this is why iOS has introduced this feature. Not sure if it will increase the number of people using an inbuilt phone app to communicate, but there’s no harm in adding a new feature.

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Now, if you make a call using any other different app, it will be displayed in phone app’s history. If you go to your phone history, by tapping on that call, you’ll be able to make a new call to that person in the same app. But we can directly call them using the app in the first place, right?

Guess all iOS wants is its users to not forget about the inbuilt phone calling app.

  1. Flashlight dimmer

We all have been there when we try to use our flashlight for some purpose, but the light is coming out of it is just so eye-blinding that we would rather turn it off. But if you own an iPhone6S, you can now adjust your flashlight’s brightness and other settings according to your preference. Well, not really your preference, but the preference of the person standing in front of you. The main problem for you would be the screen’s brightness, but fortunately, that also can be adjusted.

15 essential new features hiding in ios 10

  1. Apps inside of Apps

If you’re standing on the road, dying of hunger, you can just choose a restaurant and book your table there using OpenTable without having to close the Maps app. This works with a lot of apps including lyft and uber. You can finish several tasks without wandering far off from the maps app on your phone.

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Now that we are talking about maps app in iOS 10, another new feature that it has introduced is “parked car.” If your car is either connected with CarPlay or Bluetooth, your iPhone will identify when it last chatted with your vehicle and marked it on the map. Not just that, it’ll also tell you when you last parked your car. This is such a cool feature, to be honest.

  1. Icon Cleanup

The latest update of iOS 10 lets you delete most, if not all, the files and apps that you never or rarely ever use. But you cannot delete these apps to make space on your phone as these apps won’t actually be gone forever from your phone so you won’t get the memory back. But at least, you won’t have to look at these apps and think “why are they even there on my phone?!”

Remember, something is always better than nothing. At least, there’s some improvement, and hopefully, we will be able to see even more improvement in the future.

  1. Easy Pitstops

It looks like the team has paid quite a lot of attention to the maps. There are so many new and useful changes that have been made to the maps. While standing on the road, you can slide up to get quick information on the nearest gas stations, restaurants, and other important places. The app will also give you an estimate of the time it will take for you to reach there with the current traffic situation and things like that

Final words:

So what are you waiting for? These are the 15 essential new features hiding in iOS 10. Go and check out all these new features on your iPhone.

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