AC Market Apk for iOS

Install Ac Market iOS :Sick of having to limit yourself while downloading apps on your iphone or other ios devices? We all know the struggle ios users have to face when it comes to basic function. Not only there is an extremely limited choice of apps, iphone even limits you from sharing and taking apps, songs etc from another user especially if it is an android user. Even though iphone and ios users claim that once you start using an iphone there is no turning back, we cannot help but notice the drawbacks and limitations that come with using an iphone.

Here is a little something that will help makes things easy for all those ios users out there who are sick of the same old apps available in the apple app store and want to explore and put your hands on a lot more.

Hence we introduce you to the latest buzz, that is AC market.

To be honest, AC market iOS is not new to the consumer market, rather it has been here for a very long time and it has made its strong hold on the market thanks to its amazing features and easy user ability. This app is quite popular and basically it is a cracked market app. It acts just like your google play store and apple app store, but much better with a lot more options and it is definitely a lot more flexible when it comes to the usage.

AC Market iOS

The AC market iOS can be downloaded on your device and it allows you to download a lot more variety of applications on your device. It allows you not only to download the regular apps but also the paid and modded versions of various apps and a huge collection of games.

Not only is the AC market apk amazing as it really opens up the options for both android and ios devices but it also is really easy to understand and use and even downloading and installing this app is not difficult at all. The AC market apk helps you find various alternatives of even paid apps and games, lets you use certain paid apps for no money at all as well as you can download modded games and apps.

What basically is AC Market?

AC Market is a cracked version of an app store which can be downloaded on both ios and android devices, it is completely free to use and download and has a large number of extra features which google play store and apple app store lack.

Here is some basic information about the AC Market app that you can read once before installing it on your device.

AC Market iOS

  1. It is developed by App cake.
  2. The latest available version is currently v 3.2.2
  3. The apk size which you will download will be of size 5.2 MB. it is not large and hence it will not take a lot of time to download and install once you decide to get it for your device.
  4. The app is completely free to download and install. There are no additional charges that you will face once you try to download it.
  5. The package ID for the app is net.appcake
  6. You do not need to root your device to be able to download and use the app.

Earlier it was quite difficult to find a way to download and use the AC Market for an ios device for obvious reasons, everyone knows the struggle that comes with getting foreign apps on an ios device. However, you are lucky that now it is possible to do so, not only there is one way but rather two and you can choose to device which one seems easier and more convenient to you.

The process though possible is not going to be as easy as it is for android user. For android users, you simply need to download the apk and install it, it is so simple and convenient, but ios users you will have to follow a small process. As you know, the AC market iOSis a third party developer as it is not available on the app store, so you will have to download and install it accordingly.

Let’s go through each of the two methods one by one.

Method 1. Configuration of the Ac Market iOS app.

  1. This methods is sort of a [sociallocker id=”47″]direct installation method, unlike the apk download and installation in android, there are certain additional steps in this method that includes the step of adding a profile for installation, hence we call it configuration method.[/sociallocker]
  2. So the very first step really is to get the file for installation on your device. This can be done through its official website. We highly recommend to only download the apk from its official site only as downloading from other unknown sites can cause problems like virus and malware entering your device. To avoid any such problems and inviting such headaches to your device, we recommend you download the app file from its official website.
  3. Go to the settings app on your ios device and then create an ‘install profile’. You can install the app using this profile that you have created.
  4. Now the last step is to wait for the app to be installed and after this small process is complete, you can find the app ready to use on your app menu in your ios device.

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Method 2. Using safari browser.

If you found the first method easy, this is just as simple.

  1. Download the safari browser on your ios device and install it. This can be done using your app store. Once the installation is complete, open the browser app.
  2. Using the link we are providing that is load the app files. You cannot directly install the app and so this link will help you directly load the main files from our website. Once you load the file tap on the middle most icon on your lowermost bar of options on your device.

  1. You have to load the files, which can be done through adding of the pages to the home screen of you ios device.
  2. The last step is simply replacing the name of these added files to the name of the app that is AC Market iOS to avoid any kinds of confusion later on.


This is it, now you can easily use the AC market to download and install hundreds of new apps and games on your ios devices.


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