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12+ Best Cydia Tweaks Compatible With iOS 10.2 Jailbreak

Cydia Tweaks : Apple has put restrictions on installation of third party software on the different iOS devices. Jailbreaking allows users to remove these restrictions and install any applications or software which otherwise would not be possible at all. It helps users get root access to do this. There are three types of jailbreaks- tethered, semi tethered and untethered.

What is Cydia?

Cydia is a third party application for the iOS community which allows users to jailbreak your devices. It allows idevice users to install applications which one would not be able to install from the official app store. Cydia tweaks is similar to the app store however you have more options to install software.

Top 12 Cydia tweaks

You can find multiple tweaks. The tweaks that Cydia tweaks offers are huge in number and it keeps increasing with the developers adding new Cydis tweaks regularly. Most of these tweaks are free, and at the same time, you would also find some tweaks where you need to pay. Since a lot of tweaks are free, you can get them easily.

Here we will be talking about the best Cydia tweaks that are compatible with iOS 10.2 jailbreak:

  • Activator:

Activator is one of those tweaks which is a must have to customize your device. It is one of the best cydia tweaks available in Cydia. It allows users to do different things by just pressing a button. You can open apps, toggle switches; tasks can be automated and triggered on anywhere. It can be used on the home screen, lock screen or in applications. If you want to use the Night Shift feature, you can do by pressing the home button for a long time instead of going to the control center. Activator allows you to can customize actions.

activator - cydia tweaks

  • Anemone:

Another great tweak that can be found in Cydia tweaks is the Anemone which allows users to change and customize your iOS devices. There is a wide range of themes to choose from. You can download these themes from Cydia tweaks then use it in your device and customize it through Anemone. By using this tweak, your wallpapers, home screen icons, control center and almost everything in your device gets customized based on the themes. You can also change your fonts to make your screen more attractive. If you find the typical default theme and fonts of Apple boring and simple, use Anemone to give your device a different touch.

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  • BioProtect:

The BioProtect cydia tweaks protects your device. You can protect your device by protecting your applications, settings, folders, etc. using the Touch ID on your device or a passcode. It allows you to protect your device from unwanted access from unknown sources. It is useful and important for the security of your device since it is jailbroken.

  • CCLowPower:

The CCLowPower tweak in tweaks enables low power mode on your iOS devices. You can easily enable this mode by just tapping it. It can be found in the control center. You do not have to enter settings to enable the low power mode. This tweak is another free cydia tweaks you can find and use easily from Cydia.

ccl - cydia tweaks

  • Cream 2:

Use the Cream 2 cydia tweak to beautify your control center toggles as it gives color to the toggles. Sometimes you might find your control center toggles boring and bland because you keep seeing it every day. Give it a creative and different touch using Cream 2. You can change the colors of different toggles like the Wi-Fi, airplane mode, Bluetooth, etc.

  • Cylinder:

Give effects to how your home screen looks when you swipe it by using Cylinder. There are some animation effects that allows you to change how your home screen looks when you swipe it. It is another tweak that beautifies your device and makes it more fun to use.

  • Detailed Battery Usage:

There is a default battery statistics found in all iOS devices however it does not give a detailed statistics of your battery usage. The Detailed Battery Usage allows you to see all these statistics in your settings for battery. It also shows a graph where you can see your battery usage for the past days. Another feature of the Detailed Battery Usage is that it divides your usage into – Active and Background usage. This is a very useful tweak to keep track of your battery consumption and manage it.

  • Eclipse 4:

For all of you iOS users who like dark themes, Eclipse 4 is a perfect match for you. It makes your app and device interface dark. It is like a night mode for your device. Another reason why this tweak is useful is that it makes it easier to look at your phone and read without straining your eyes much. It is a perfect cydia tweak to be used especially at night. You can use Eclipse 4 through other tweaks in Cydia tweaks like the Activator or the Flipswitch.

eclipse - cydia tweaks

  • Evanesco:

Another great free cydia tweak from Cydia is Evanesco which allows you to give your device a different look when it is left idle. You can make your device aesthetic and interesting to look at when your device is idle. How does it work? When your device is idle, the apps and widgets become dim, and the aesthetic effect you applied becomes evident. Once you touch your screen, it goes back to the default look.

  • FlipControlCentre:

Flip Control Centre is a useful cydia tweak that Cydia allows you to do add and change toggles in the Control Center. You can add, arrange, and remove multiple toggles. You can add location services, cell data, personal hotspot, VPN, low power and much more. In short, it allows you to customize the Control Center by adding, removing and rearranging toggles in your devices.

  • Gorgone:

The Slide over and split screen feature in iPhones, iPods and iPads allow users to multitask by being able to access two apps at the same time simultaneously. You can use another app without having to leave the app you currently use by using the Slide Over feature. Split screen allows you to access two applications at the same time. In some of the version of iPhones, iPods, and iPad, split view and slide over are not supported hence users can’t use it. Cydia allows you to use it through the cydia tweak called Gorgone. It is free, and you can use a dual app mode. You can also rotate your home screen through this tweak. You can use these two features even when you rotate your phone.

cydia tweaks

  • Haptic Feedback:

Haptic Feedback is a tweak that allows you to add vibrations to different features. You can add and use it to your lock screen button, music control, home screen button, home screen icon volume button, keyboard touches and more. You can also customize the intensity and the duration of the vibration to what you would like to use.

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  • Horseshoe:

This tweak in Cydia tweaks allows users to organize the control center. The default control center has multiple toggles hence it is spanned out in multi pages. Horseshoe allows you to organize this into just a single page. Hence you can easily use different toggles and settings through just a tap.

  • iCleaner:

iCleaner is another great tweak that will give you some free storage and help in improving the speed of your iDevice. Apple does not allow users to clear their cache files. Hence iCleaner comes to the rescue. It helps you clear and clean cache files, message attachments, unnecessary files and another cache of all applications. You can do all these with just one tap. Cydia offers you a test mode if you are not sure about wanting to clear your files and cache. Hence this keeps a backup of files and does not delete them. So you can restore it later on if you want to.

  • iWidgets:

The default iOS allows you to place widgets on the lock screen and majority of them cannot be placed on the home screen. Hence iWidgets allows you to place any third party widgets on any part of your home screen. You can also place HTML widgets on your home screen by downloading these widgets from Cydia. You can place these widgets on your home screen by tapping long on the empty area where you would want to place the widget in.

  • Lithium Ion:

Lithium Ion is a fun cydia tweaks that allows you to customize and change the battery bar indicator. It has a large number of themes you can choose from. It also allows you to choose and set colors for the themes. You can also build profiles so that you don’t have to keep searching for themes. You can instantly enable it by using the profile you have set. It gives a creative and different look to your battery bar indicator.

  • Noctis:

Noctic offers you a ‘dark mode’ or dark background for your applications on the iOS devices. You can apply this dark mode in your folders, HUD volume, dock background, control center and other 3d touch actions. You can also change the color to some other color if you don’t like black or dark backgrounds. You can find Noctis in the control center so that you can easily access it. You can witness better effects with other tweaks in Cydia tweaks like the Eclipse or Nightmode9.

  • Peek-a-boo:

The 3D touch feature is accessible only to users who use iPhone 6s and the later versions. It is not available for iPhone users who use an older version. However, Cydia iOS offers you the chance to avail this feature through the tweak called Peek-a-boo. It is a useful feature that gives a great look to your home screen as well as apps. This feature can be used to change sensitivity, enabling and disabling haptic feedback, on different apps that support 3D Touch and on notifications.

  • PowerDown:

PowerDown is a tweak that gives you various options when you press the power button to turn it off. The default in iOS is that the shutdown menu only has the choice to turn the phone off. PowerDown gives you other choices like safe mode, power off, reboot and respring. Here respring is an option which restarts your iOS home screen. This is helpful to be used in Cydia install when you install or remove tweaks. In short, PowerDown gives you more options to shut down when you press the power button.

  • Rocket for Instagram:

This tweaks for iOS offered by Cydia is great to make your Instagram experience fun and different. It offers multiple features which can be useful like hiding posts which are sponsored, muting users, changing your feed into a grid view, download Instagram stories as well as posts, adding a check mark in your profile or spoofing your number of followers. Try it out to see more features. To use all these features and check them out, you have to go to settings in your Instagram applications

  • StatusVol X:

StatusVol X allows users to make the HUD volume control less obtrusive. The HUD volume control might become obtrusive and annoying when you are working because it appears whenever you press your volume button. It replaces the HUD volume control by placing it on your status bar. Hence it makes your screen less obtrusive and organized.

  • Touchr:

In this tweak, your TouchID sensor is used to allow you to perform different actions. It is a virtual replacement of the home in your device. You can go to your home screen, enable vibrations on just one touch, activate Siri, and activate the multitasking menu and much more with just one touch. You don’t necessarily have to press your home button on the default button and yet access all these when your Touch sensor is made use of. You can customize the touch on your Touch ID by pressing it once, twice or thrice. In short, you don’t have to press your home button multiple times and use this to go to your home screen easily.

Final words

Here we have mentioned few of the cydis free tweaks that can be found in Cydia that is compatible with iOS 10.2 jailbreak. These are just a few of the best, and there are much more. If you are curious about what Cydia offers, then we hope the tweaks mentioned in this article helped you understand them better. You can also find more by installing Cydia and checking the other tweaks out. Also, if you have been enjoying a really awesome Cydia trick, please let us know too 🙂

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