How to control android smartphone from google home?

control android smartphone from google home : with the advancement in the field of technology, almost everything has become possible. Have you ever wanted to have a digital assistant who would perform all the tasks on your Android smartphone for you? Tasks such as searching on the web, posting a status on Facebook and a lot of other tasks can be pretty tiresome to do all by yourself. In a world where most of us like to post our day to day life activities on social media, such tasks can consume a lot of our time. But thankfully, with the new launches of smart home hubs, you can now control your Android smartphone just by your voice commands.

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How to control Android smartphone from Google home?

One such product is Google Home, also known as a smart person’s guide. Google’s smart home hub arrived on the market a few months ago. Initially, it was launched only in the US, but with time, Google has launched it in some other countries, and soon enough, it will be launched across the world. Google Home is definitely giving a tough fight to Amazon’s Alexa. In this article, we will tell you how you can control your Android smartphone from Google Home. But first of all, let’s see what Google exactly is, what does it do and why should you invest in it. However, before moving to our guide to teach you to control android smartphone from google home, let us first learn what actually google home is.

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What exactly is Google Home?

Google Home is a smart home hub which is like your personal digital assistant that works when connected to a wifi connection. The home is a small speaker tower containing far-field microphones designed to pick your voice commands from a distance. It also comes with touch controls, a microphone mute button, and lights to inform you when your voice commands or speech, in general, are being heard by the product.

The base of the device comes in various colours and materials so you can also use the device as home décor. This product from Google offers best voice recognition and can easily separate noise and your speech. The speaker also features dual-side facing radiators to deliver full range, clear highs, and rich bass.

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How does Google Home work?

Google Home is a host for Google assistant. Google assistant is like your digital assistant, and it can engage in a two-way conversation, check the weather, surf the Internet and perform many other tasks. Initially, Google assistant debuted as an exclusive digital assistant for Google allo app and Pixel phones, but recently, it is being made available on the Android platform including third party smartphones and Android wear. Another thing about Google Home is that Google Home actions are not to be added manually. As long as you know the key command for a particular action, you can put your Google home to use right after you take it out of the box. You do not have to worry about installing anything.

You can also find an A to Z list of all the voice commands in the  app. You can also create your customised voice commands using IFTTT. IFTTT is a company from Google.

Music and playback

Since Google home is a wifi connected speaker, it can directly stream music and songs from the cloud. It gives you the access to playlists, albums, song tracks and podcast just by following your voice command. You can also share your music from your Android smartphone through Google cast.

With Google cast, you’ll also be able to control all the connected speakers in your home. You can also get multiple rooms’ playback which means you can add your Google home device to various speakers in your home and listen to your music across the house.

Google home also allows you to control your video content. For example, you can use your Google home to play any kind of video on youtube for you, and it will do so. By using Google Cast support, you can also issue a voice command for your Google home to play a video on your smart TV.

Smart Home Hub

You can use Google home as a control centre for all the Android smartphones present in your house. The main reason behind this is its access to Google assistant. You can perform simple tasks using this such as set alarms and manage your shopping and to-do lists. You can also command it to post a status for you on your social media accounts. Not just simple tasks, but it is also capable of performing some complex tasks such as booking a cab, sending gifts for your beloved ones, booking a table for you from certain apps on your Android smartphones. The best thing about this is all these things can be done just by your voice commands.

Ask Google

Google home allows you to ask Google all your queries and questions. You can ask anything you want. You can command it to check weather or search Wikipedia or even ask specific questions like “how much fat does a banana have?”.

And because you have a digital assistant, you can also ask follow-up conversational questions such as “When did it first come to the market?”, “it” here refers to a banana. You will always get an immediate response from Google. Also, it can sometimes read certain parts of the web pages for you.

Why should you invest in Google Home?

Google Home is definitely a good device to install to make tasks easier across all your Android smartphones, but it is also a Google device to have in your house for various other devices. You not just use voice commands to get things done on your Android smartphone, but also on your smart TV and smart lights and electronic appliances. If you’re invested in Google’s ecosystem, then home is an excellent product for you.

Now, if you want to control your Android smartphone from Google home, you will have to set up Google Home first. Follow the steps below to know how to do it.

  1. Take Google home out of the box and plug it in

After a few minutes of connecting your Google home in, you will notice it lighting up. There’s no on or off button for google home. As soon as you plug it in, it’s turned on. You should remain near your phone.

  1. Open google play store and download Google home app

Go to google play store on your android smartphone and search for Google home app. Download the app from there. Then, accept the terms of services and also allow for location permissions when asked. Stay connected to your home wifi network while setting Google home because your phone will direct all the information to google home.

control android from google home

  1. Sign in to a Google account

In order to use Google home, you will have to log-in with your Google account. Most Android smartphone users already have one or multiple Google accounts so that shouldn’t be a problem. In case you don’t have one, you can create one by simply going to Gmail’s website or app.

  1. Allowing Email notifications

It’s completely up to you to allow email notifications or not. But we do not recommend you do so because we’re sure you don’t want to invite more spam emails. You’ll be asked for the permission twice.

  1. Touch the Setup icon present on the upper right corner of the screen

Tap that set up icon and then taps sign in and enters the location for your Google home hardware. Google home needs this information for when you ask about the weather or other location related questions such as traffic.

how to control android from google home

  1. Link it to your music service account

Google Play music, Spotify, Pandora, and Youtube are the four music services that are supported by Google home. To get the best out of your Google play music and Spotify service, you will need to have a premium account. A premium account allows you the access to particular song tracks and albums while the free account collection is very limited. Note that Google home won’t be able to access your purchased libraries or local music libraries.

  1. Go through the tutorial

Having to go through the tutorial is one of the best parts as you get to experience things for the first time by yourself. You’ll also be given some tips on how to use your Google home efficiently. You can also ask some fun things to it.

  1. Go to more settings by tapping the menu on the left side of the screen

On the upper left corner, you’ll see a menu (a three line icon), by tapping on it and then going for more settings, you’ll see a full list of optional features you can set up for your Google home to make it even better.

  1. Next, change the settings related to your ‘news’ and ‘My day.’

You can also get customised information from your Google home when commanding it to tell you about your day and news like “tell me about my day” or “listen to the news.” To do so, tap on the news and then customise. That will let you change your news sources- for example, CNBC to CNN. And tapping on ‘My day’ will allow you to change a few options for your daily briefing.

  1. Modify the nickname Google Home uses for you

In the same set of optional settings, scroll down and look for ‘personal information’ and then ‘nickname’ in order to change your nickname and the pronunciation for it. Type in whatever you want it to call you. Ever had a dream name? Yeah, you can make Google home call you that

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  1. Enter your home and work locations

If you want to get an accurate time for commuting, you will have to add your exact commute locations. Under the same set of additional settings, go to personal info and then home and work locations. Enter your correct residential address and office address. After entering that, you can ask it “How long is my commute time?

  1. Add home electronics (if you want to)

There are certain electronics compatible with Google home, and you can tap on home control to add them on the list.

  1. Control Google Home by your voice and touch

If you want to know some suggestions for what to ask your digital assistant, just go to the menu on the upper left corner and tap “what can you do?” and then it will suggest you some questions and commands. If you want to change the volume, make a dialling motion on the top surface of the Google home, or you can just say “Ok, Google, volume” and a number from one to eleven. The latter is easier, right?

After this, you are all done!

Wrapping it up:

So, there it is guys. Just by following the steps above to set up your google home, you’ll able to control your Android device from your Google home. Google home is a really good device to invest in if you are looking for a digital assistant that will follow all your commands and make most of your tasks easier. You can now very easily use your voice to play a video on youtube, for example, or search something on Wikipedia or literally just anything. We definitely recommend this product to all the Android smartphone users out there.

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