how to convert int to string in python

How to convert int to string in Python?

Python is a general purpose open source high level programming language which was developed by Guido van Rossumcanin 1980s. It can be used to develop web-based applications, games, computer automation, microchip testing, or anything. It has been used in different fields of software development like some of the most popular ones such as Instagram, Quora, YouTube, DropBox, Survey Monkey, Reddit and the list continues. It is a multipurpose language which most of the people assume as the best programming language as it is very simple language and has vast applications. From game development to the most powerful web services and the epic games with huge graphics. Everything can be implemented with the use of Python.

The use of Python language is very simple as it is very similar to the common English language that we use in daily basis and so it can be used by almost anyone even with some very common understanding of programming. And the best thing about Python, which interests me to code in Python language is the availability of one of the largest list of libraries in the open source language. It has been developed more than 20 years ago and being an open source has helped it to grow more and more, just like being open source Linux grew to leaps and bounds. You can include library files for almost everything in python from game development library file to machine learning and artificial intelligence. Everything is possible with this language.

How to convert int to string in Python?

Before we start to convert an integer datatype to string datatype, the first thing is that we should know what a data type is. Then we will understand what an integer and string are?In programming, a data type is a classification which indicates or specify the kind of value that is stored or that can be stored within a variable at that memory location. There are several types of data types in a different programming language, but some of the data types are common everywhere in every programing language with little or no modification.

how to convert int to string in python

These include types such as integer (int), character (char) or string (str), float and much more. All these have some specific significance in them and holds different value depending on their data type. A string is used to represent a text instead of just a number. It is a collection of characters that is number and letters including special characters which are in order. There is no limit on the number of characters in a string. You can also have a string with 0 characters also known as an empty string. Examples of the string are, “pizza” and “I ate a pizza”, both are an example of a string. To enter a string, you can use single, double or triple quotes. For example (‘I am using a string’). Int is the basic type of integer in the string. It has a numerical value only. An example of an int datatype can be ‘1234’, ‘11’, etc. In simple terms, integer is a number and string is a text.

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In this article we will be talking about how to convert int to string in python. There are two ways to convert any value into a string in python. The first one is report () which is used to create values for the interpreter and the second one is str () that is used to create value representations. Here we will be using str () to convert int to string. In this method, we will be passing on a number or any variable within the parentheses, and then this number or the value inside the variable will be converted to a string and thus the variable will be a string variable. The purpose of converting an int to string is to avoid something called “TypeErrors”. This can help programmers to align results into an ordered list or table. When you don’t convert the int to string this will show ‘TypeError: cannot concatenate “str” and “int”’. now since we know what are the reasons why convert an int to a string data type, let us know how this is done. Here is a quick guide along with the examples so that you can understand it better.

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Steps to Convert Int to String using str() command:

  1. In your computer open the Python IDLE. This is a command window for Python where you write the commands or the code of the program to run.
  2. Create a new file by simply choosing the ‘create a new file’ in the ‘File” menu. This will open a new page.
  3. Now assume we have following written code:

                       user = “Anderson”

                       distance = 5

now here we want to have an output showing:

                       Congratulations, Anderson! You just ran 5 miles.

So here what we will be doing in order to convert distance into string, is write


   so the code will be:

                     print(“Congratulations, “ + user + “! You just ran “ +str(distance) + “miles.”)

  1. Now the program is complete, you can save it for later use and run the program by simply pressing run command or F5. You will get the required output:

                                          Congratulations, Anderson! You just ran 5 miles.

  1. Now terminate the program and close the Python IDLE, since you are done with the following conversion.

Final Words

This is a very simple guide to convert an integer data type to a string data type within a few steps. Using str() command is the easiest method. Sometimes this conversion is needed in order to retain all the values within a variable when using as another datatype, so conversion becomes a necessary step in this condition. Python is a very powerful language an dit makes a lot of step very simple when compared to other high level programming languages such as C, C++ or Java. All of these conversions require some long steps to perform the similar function. These steps increase the Line of Code.

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