how to convert mm to inches in excel

How to convert MM to inches in Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a useful, important and one of the best programs in Windows to organize and maintain data. It contains multiple spreadsheets for the purpose, and the program also allows users to enter data, store it and at the same time organize and change data. Excel is also very useful to perform calculations and anything that requires mathematical work.Microsoft Excel is widely used for statistical and scientific analysis. A lot of researchers, statisticians and mathematicians find Microsoft Excel extremely useful since their work requires a lot of organizing, storing and editing mathematical data.

how to convert mm to inches in excel

Features of MS Excel:

There are several other features that make Microsoft Excel very important and useful.Some of the useful features of Microsoft Excel are:

  • First of all Microsoft Excel is user-friendly, easy to use and simple. It does not require specialized or trained professionals in its usage. Hence anyone can use this program as long as you have the basic skills on how to use a computer.
  • Multiple sheets can be added to make organization and storage of data better and efficient.
  • Microsoft Excel allows users to make tables, graphs, charts and much more. You can also edit and change the style, size, color, etc. of these. Charts are broadly divided into two tools which are the standard charts and the pivot charts.
  • Images and audio clips can also be added.
  • Data that is repetitive and no longer useful can be sorted out and removed easily.
  • Your data can be beautified by the features Microsoft Excel offers such as colors, grids, themes, headings, alignment, margins, etc.
  • The spreadsheet in Excel is very useful for all the features mentioned above. It helps in organizing and categorizing data. Each spreadsheet consists of cells found horizontally as well as vertically. The horizontal cells or columns are labeled with a letter, and a number is starting from A for, e.g., A, G, etc. The vertical cells or rows are labeled with just numbers starting from 1.
  • Each Excel file consists of some spreadsheets. You can make as many spreadsheets as you want.
  • Another useful feature of Microsoft Excel is the conditional formatting function. The conditional formatting function allows users to identify and highlight important parts of the data or to identify and highlight mistakes and errors.
  • You will find a lot of mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, average and much more.
  • Time, distance, weight and mass, speed, temperature, area, volume, energy, and information are some of the general conversions available in Microsoft Excel.

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  • Each formula or function starts with an equal to sign (=) followed by the remaining formulas. These formulas allow you to perform calculations. Another great feature is that you can do the calculations for each column automatically without having to type formulas in each cell. However, you have to enter the formula for the first column so that the rest of the cells in the columns get calculated too.
  • If users want to protect your work from the usage by other people, there is a password protection feature. This prevents your work from unauthorized users.

How to convert mm into inches in excel?

As it has already been mentioned, Microsoft Excel is used to perform various calculations. All you need is the formula which makes it very simple and user-friendly. If you have work that requires you to convert data or numbers from mm into inches, you can do so by using the converted formula which has been given in details in the later part of the article. Your Microsoft Excel will automatically convert the data you want which is in mm into inches once you have entered the correct formula or function.

The following are the steps to convert mm into inches in Microsoft Excel:

  • Open Microsoft Excel from the start menu. If you already have a spreadsheet made then open the spreadsheet.
  • Once you have opened Excel, select an empty cell or the cell where you would want to place the value which would be converted later.
  • The next step is to type in the formula which is =CONVERT (__, “mm,” “in”). Here the __ is for the box where the value you want to convert is in. So, for example, you want to convert the value in A1 then you have to enter the formula =CONVERT (A1, “mm, “in”). If you do not have pre-written values and want to convert random values, then type the number in place of A1. Hence it will look like this =CONVERT (21, “mm,” “in”).

how to convert mm to inches in excel

  • Press enter or click on another cell. You will find the value in your desired cell.

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If you want to do this for the entire column in A1 then just select the handle which is seen on the bottom right side of the cell. Once you have selected it, drag it downwards to the cell you want. This allows you to enter values in the selected cells automatically. You can do the same for any column for, e.g., B1, C1, D1, etc.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to enter the formula correctly.
  • Do not miss out even a single comma, bracket or space. If you make a mistake in the spacing, placement of comma or bracket then you will not get the correct result. Enter the formula as =CONVERT (__, “mm,” “in”). Please, not that __ here is either the value of the number you want to convert or the cell number (e.g., A1, A2, A3, etc.).
  • You can always change or edit the data after you have converted.

Final words:

This article has been published to guide users on how to convert mm into inches. The process is simple, and as long as you enter the correct data, you can easily do multiple calculations. As mentioned before, Microsoft Excel can be used to perform multiple conversions not just mm into inches. Hence if you would like to do other conversions or calculations, then Microsoft Excel is a great program which will also allow you to store organize and change the data. It also saves a lot of time once you get the hang of it.

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