Download chrome canary offline installer

Chrome Canary Offline Installer

Canary Offline: We all use Google Chrome as our primary browser, well most of us do. This popular browser is top of the line browser, although there are plenty of browsers out there, I still think that Google Chrome is the best browser, at least in the windows and the Android community.

Google Chrome is the official browser for the giant search engine called Google. You have probably known that already but some of us know about the various channels which Google provides for its official browser.

Google Chrome is available for all the devices; even the iOS device supports Google Chrome. The developers of Google Chrome makes the browser compatible with every operating system. Google Chrome can run on both 32 bit and 64 bit without any issue. This browser is for free and can be download easily from the internet.

download chrome canary offline installer

Download and install Chrome Canary Offline installer:

Most of the People use the Google Chrome which is one of the channels of Google browser. This version of Google is the most stable version of Google Chrome. There are lots of developers who work in this browser and test it on a regular basis until it has been declared as fully stable. This is the version most of us use, and it gets updated every several weeks. This version of Google does not have any bugs and errors regarding the function of Google Chrome.

So apart from the fully stabled Google Chrome, there are three more versions of Google Chrome. Namely Google Chrome Beta version, Development version, and the Canary version. These versions of Google Chrome are for the people who want early access to the updates and experience it before the stable Chrome users do.

Each of these versions of Chrome will get much earlier access to the updates than the solid google chrome but the update timing for the beta, developer, and canary is also different, and that’s what makes this three version of chrome separate.

Canary Offline: Google has released the Canary version recently, and it has been quite a useful browser for many people. So in this article, I would like to talk about Google Chrome Canary version and how you can download and install them offline.

Google Chrome Canary version

Google Chrome Canary is made for those people who want to live on the edge. Although it has a different version, it works just like Google Chrome (Stable version) which is a good thing. All these different versions of Google Chrome signifies themselves on the basis of how often they get updates.

So as I’ve told you that Google Chrome gets updates every several months and the major updates roll out pretty slow for the Stable Google Chrome. But that is not the case with Beta, Development, and Canary.

The Beta version gets updates faster than the stable version with getting an update once a week and major updates around every six weeks. This means that the number of tests on Beta version is considerably less than the stable Google Chrome which means that the bug can be present but that’s the price you pay for early updates. But the Beta version can be said as a very stable version since the bugs are very little.

download chrome canary offline installer

The Developer version even gets much faster updates than the Beta, and the bugs and errors can be present in this version. The number of tests done in Development versions is also less than the Beta version.

Canary version of Google Chrome does not go through any test, and it gets updates right after the developers completed the update without even testing. That’s why Canary gets the fastest updates among these versions, and you can even download and install Canary separately without having to uninstall the other versions of Google.

For the beta, Development and stable version you need to have one of the versions, and you can still have Canary version separately. The reason behind this is that Canary can have lots of bugs which can make the user unsatisfied so the user can switch to other versions right away.

What’s the use of Canary version?

Canary Version does not compromise with any precautions, and it just provides the updates right away. So the Canary version is useful for getting the updates faster than any other Chrome users.

Even though you might not like the bug, you can still switch to the other Google Chrome version without having to uninstall Canary version. As for the extensions, sometimes they can be quite buggy so you can install the particular extension in Canary version before installing it in the stable version and check whether the extension is stable or not. If the extension is stable, then you can install it right away in your stable version.

So Canary version is a great tool to know about the updates which the stable version will get after few weeks.

So if you like the Canary version, then you can follow our guide on how to download and install Google Canary offline on your Windows PC.

Google Canary is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.2 and 10.

Steps to download Google Chrome Canary offline installer

  1. First thing you need to do go this link (Google Chrome Canary 34 bit Offline installer) (Google Chrome Canary 64 bit Offline Installer). Open this link in Google Chrome.

  1. After entering the link, the browser will download the setup file on your computer.
  2. After the setup gets installed, you can go to the location where the setup is installed.
  3. Now you don’t need to have an internet connection, you just double click the setup, and the installation process will begin.
  4. Install the Google Canary from the offline installer, and it will be available on your desktop.

Over to you: 

Google Canary is a bleeding edge experience for the browser. Although you might face many bugs which can be fixed the amount updates you will get in a period in Canary version will be nowhere near the stable Google Chrome which will get the update after a month.

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