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WifiKill Apk : Wi-Fi has become the basic model of internet service for all of the homes and offices, and thus always most of our devices are connected to the internet with the help of a Wi-Fi. The use of Wi-Fi has become so common that we no longer consider it of much significant unless and until we face some network issues or speed issues. With a Wi-Fi, we get a good speed that is not achievable by the mobile network, but sometimes due to heavy load on a single Wi-Fi network, the internet speed is compromised between the connected devices and hence the speed shortage. This is a major problem in the office or house Wi-Fi connection where there is some extra load due to other connected devices to the same connection without the aid of repeaters and other wireless equipment in order to increase the strength of Wi-Fi network.

Wifikill APK download

So, if you are also on such a network where there is a large load on a single network then to overcome this problem and get a decent normal speed, you can use the following method. The application Wi-Fi Kill is the perfect thing for this job. The basic use of this application is to control the Wi-Fi network. Thus, it can disable or kill the Wi-Fi connection to other devices connected to that network and thus reduces the traffic on the network. Also, this application is helpful to you if you want to cut the bandwidth to your children device in order to control their internet access. Thus, now you know this is an application of great utility. But the application is only for the Android users and can be installed and used only for the devices having root permission access.

wifikill app apk

According to a new survey conducted, Wi-Fi is the most important common need of 4 out of 10 people surveyed above sex, chocolate, alcohol and sleep. Thus, with a slow internet speed, there will definitely be frustration and thus not good for your health. So, this app works as a perfect stress killer by killing all the extra devices connected to your Wi-Fi network and thus has got its name as a wifikill apk.

Features of Wi-Fi Kill app:

  • You can view a complete list of all the devices using the same Wi-Fi network as yours.
  • Once you have this application and you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, then it will locate all the devices connected to that network.
  • Wi-Fi kill app has two main functionalities, i.e., Grab and Kill.
  • Wi-Fi grabs feature lets you know all about such as MAC address, Manufacturer name, IP address and upload and download speed of the devices connected to the same network to which your device is connected.
  • Wi-Fi kill feature disconnects other devices connected on the same Wi-Fi network so that your device can take the maximum bandwidth possible and thus enjoys maximum speed.
  • Wi-Fi kill apk is available for all the phones and tablets having android OS version 4.0 and above.

How to install Wi-Fi kill v1.7 on your Android phone (Root access required)

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  • Go to the browser and search for Wi-Fi kill v1.7 apk download.
  • Download the .apk file from the official site of the of the WiFikill application.
  • After downloading is complete, before installing the application you need to turn ON the option to install applications from unknown sources.
  • To turn ON this option go to the ‘Settings’ and in the ‘Additional Settings’ option find the privacy Here you will find the ‘Unknown Sources’, turn it ON.
  • Now go to the download folder and open the downloaded .apk file of the application.
  • Install the application by accepting the terms and granting the permissions required.
  • Now the application is installed, you can now enjoy killing the Wi-Fi connection of other devices on your Wi-Fi network.


wifikill apk app download

Download WifiKill Apk from Play store

  • Open the play store on your Android device and search for ‘Wi-Fi kill’.
  • In the search results open the one which has Wi-Fi kill as its publisher.
  • Click on the install button and wait till the installation commences.
  • Now open the application and enjoy a better Wi-Fi internet speed.
  • Just remember to rate the application on the Play Store for the others to know better about the application.

How to install Wi-Fi kill on your Android phone (No Root access required)?

The new version 1.7 of the Wi-Fi kill application has bugs fixed, and the pro version of the application can be used on the devices having no root access permission granted. The process of downloading the Wi-Fi kill v1.7 is almost similar to what has mentioned above in the installation guide steps. You just need to search for the ‘Wi-Fi kill v1.7 pro apk’ in the search bar of the browser.


This application is really a big leap for he Wi-Fi users who are feeling sick over the division of the band width of the Wi-Fi. As already mentioned the importance of the Wi-Fi in the modern day living we all can relate to this problem of slow speed even after having a good Wi-Fi speed. Thus, Wi-Fi kill is the application that we can use to get from the frustration.

Apart from this feature of killing other devices from the Wi-Fi network, you can even use it to keep an eye on the wifikill apk free download and upload speed and the other relevant information of all the devices connected. This is a totally different kind of application and none other application can complete to the features and usability of it. The creators seriously had a good idea keeping in view the needs of the people, and they perfectly created a useful application. Every Wi-Fi user who has ever faced the trouble on their Wi-Fi must use this. I am sure that they will not be disappointed rather you will recommend more of your friends to use this application. So, once you have installed Wifikill apk app on your device, you can start using it straight away.


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