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Download WifiKill for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

Download wifikill : You may have a stable Wi-Fi connection at your home, but the connection may lag, and the downloading and uploading speed of your Wi-Fi may get affected if there are various devices connected to your Wi-Fi at the same time.

It would not be good for you to not be able to use your Wi-Fi as you would like to but due to some situations, you just can’t get the best out of it. So in order to get rid of some devices which are connected to your Wi-Fi, you need to have a tool which can control which devices get the authorization to connect to your Wi-Fi connection.

There could be some intruders in your locality, and they may have connected their devices to your Wi-Fi connection with some tricks and hacks. You should also keep an eye on those intruders, so to do this an app called WifiKill will come in really handy for you.

Download WiFiKill Apk 

Wifikill Free download So if you have a problem while downloading something on the internet or just browsing through the internet and you can’t use the internet properly because of too many users being connected to the Wi-Fi, you can use Wifikill to kill all the devices from your home connection individually.

In this article, I will tell you how you can download WiFiKill on your android, iOS, PC, and Mac. But before we get into those, let’s talk about the app and its amazing features.

WiFiKill App Download

WiFIKill App is a great security app for the ones who have tp work through the internet and need to provide large data files to a particular server. They need to be careful about who else is consuming their data and decreasing the internet speed.

WifiKill gives you full control over your Wi-Fi network, and you can easily eliminate any particular device from your Home/work network. This will improve and make your WiFi network connection stable. You just need to kill unwanted devices from your connection.

Let’s admit it we cannot live without the internet. Research shows that we tend to get frustrated when there is no high-speed internet connection at a particular place. Even a slow internet speed is something we are not used to.

So WiFikill comes handy in this situation as you can kill other devices to prevent the slowing down of your connection to your Wifi. WifiKill is a great tool for all the users who need faster internet speed.

Initially the app was created just for fun, but eventually, the app started gaining a lot of popularity for security purposes.

WifiKill has a minimal interface with nothing much going on in it. On the initial page, you would see your Wi-Fi connection with its specific IP address with all the devices connected to it. You can select and eliminate any device you want.

WifiKill Latest version Available

Download WifiKill APK:

WifiKill has not granted the permission to be officially available on the google play store but doesn’t worry there are plenty of third party app stores out there where you can download the apk file of WiiKill and install it easily on your android smartphone. You need to have a rooted android device to run WiFiKill app on it.

So here are the steps to download WifiKIll apk for Android device

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1. First, you have to go to settings app in your app drawer or just toggle it from the notification bar.
2. Now, go to security>Unknown Sources.
3. Enable the unknown sources which will give your device the permission to install files from third party stores.
4. There are two versions available for WifiKill App and here are the links to the apk files of WifiKill : &

WifiKill App
5. Enter the link, and it will start downloading. You can download either version of the apk file. WifiKill pro 2.3.2 apk or WifiKill 1.7 apk.
6. Now after the apk file gets downloaded on your phone, you will get a notification.
7. Open the notification, and you will get into the installation screen of WifiKill.
8. Tap on “next” and then tap on “install.”
9. It will take few seconds to install the app.
10. Now the app will be available in your app drawer or your home screen.

Download WifiKill pro apk

Features of WifiKill apk

1. When you install Wifikill and open it for the first time, it will automatically show all the devices connected to that particular Wi-Fi network on which the app is running.
2. There are many tools on your PC which can track your download and upload limit, just like that, WifiKill can track the amount of data transferred from the devices connected to the Wi-Fi network.
3. You can grab any particular device from the list and instantly kill the device with the “kill” option.
4. The Wifi Grab feature in WiFikill will get all the information like Manufacturer Name, IP address, Mac address, IP address, upload and download speed.
5. Another feature called WiFi Kill is probably the most important feature of the WifiKill app. When it discovers any device connected to your Wi-Fi network, it lists it on the front screen and allows you to eliminate it right away.You can also run WifiKIll app on your tablets.
6. WifiKill can run on android version 4.0 ice cream sandwich and above.

How to use WifiKill app on your smartphones and tablets

1. Open the app on your rooted android smartphone
2. Tap the play button.
3. Then you need to grant root permission to run the WifiKill app
4. Now you will see the list of connected devices.
5. Now grab all the devices (if you want to kill all the devices) by tapping on the “grab all” button.
6. Now tap on “kill all” button to kill all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

WifiKill Pro 2.3.2 Apk

WifiKill also has a pro version which you can get for free from some third party websites. So analyze the devices connected to your Wi-Fi and kill their internet connection with the help of the WiFiKill app. There are not many exciting features on the pro version as per my opinion.

WifiKill app for unrooted devices

If you are one of those android users who want to take no risk by rooting their smartphone or still in the warranty period, you can use below-listed methods.
WiFIKill is a very handy tool to eliminate devices from your home connection so that you can have a much better internet connection.
Unrooted smartphones can use Netcut app or WifiKiller by using the router address.

WifiKill for PC & Mac

Kill devices from your Wifi network and have a better internet connection. This tool helps you kill device from your Wi-fi network without even touching their devices. This is very convenient as there are some people who might have connected to your Wi-Fi network without even asking you.
Now you can run this app on your windows and Mac.
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 are compatible with running this tool.
First, you need to download an Android emulator in your windows and Mac. I recommend Bluestack Emulator. It is available for free and is easy to download.

Download WifiKill Latest version apk

Here are the steps to run WiFiKill on your windows PC and Mac-

1. Open google chrome or Safari on your Windows and Mac respectively.
2. Search for WifiKill apk download.
3. Look for the best website where you can get the latest version of WifiKill apk.
4. Download the apk file.
5. After the wifikill apk gets downloaded on your computer, open it, and Bluestack will open automatically.
6. Start installing the app and you can run the app on your windows and Mac.

WifiKill for iOS

wifikill for app android, iOS, Windows, and Mac
WifiKill for iOS is something which is still on the way as the app is not yet available for iOS platform. But you can use cut WiFi app which is the best alternative to WifiKill app.

So having a problem with so many connected devices to your network? Don’t worry, CutWifi is there to help. It has all the latest and greatest features of the WiFiKill app. Eliminate any device that you want and prevent them from connecting to your wifi in the future as well.

You need to have a jailbreak iOS device to be able to use this app. If you are using a jailbroken device, then you should try this app right now.
So I would like to conclude this article with saying that WifiKill is a great app which lets you have complete security. Having lots of devices connected to the same WiFi network is one of the biggest reasons why your WiFi is working slowly. So download WifiKill app today and kill all the devices that are connected to your WiFi network.

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