WiFiKill No Root – Install WifiKill without rooting the device

WifiKill No Root: Your Wi-Fi network performance depends on lots of factors. The area where you Wi-Fi is located, the bandwidth speed and a number of devices connected to it. You cannot do much about the location and bandwidth, well there are certain methods which you can do with the location and bandwidth, but that’s something we won’t cover in this topic.

WiFiKill App Download

So the only other factor which can affect your Wi-Fi connection is the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. As we all know your Wi-Fi performance can affect the speed of the internet if there are lots of devices connected to it or vice versa.

WiFiKill No Root for Android

Devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops have built in Wi-Fi which you can connect to a particular Wi-Fi network. Then such devices will consume data from the Wi-Fi.

In your particular Wi-Fi network, there might be many devices connected to your Wi-Fi network which is not letting you browse the internet properly. You just want to eliminate the devices from your Wi-Fi network so that you have a better internet experience.

In such type of situation, [sociallocker id=”118″]WiFiKill comes in handy as this app can literally kill the Wi-Fi connection from all the other devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.[/sociallocker]

In this article, I will talk about Wifikill app and WiFiKill Pro. I will also guide you how you can download and install WiFiKill Pro without having a root access to your Android device.

wifikill no root

WiFiKill No Root

WiFiKill is an app for smartphones which kills the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. So you already got the idea of what this app does actually. But there are plenty of other things which you need to know if you are looking forward to installing Wifikill on your Android device which you probably are, that’s why you are here.

WiFiKill app needs to have root access to work normally on your smartphone. Root access is something which is not on every Android smartphone so I will tell you how you can download and install WiFiKill Pro in your Android without having to root your Android smartphone.

Root or no root you will be able to follow our guide and run the app normally on your Android device.

WiFiKill Pro latest version

There are various types of Wi-Fi setups such as Office Wi-Fi setup, restaurant Wi-Fi setup, hotel Wi-Fi setup and home Wi-Fi setup. WiFiKill works with all Wi-Fi setups. It can eliminate up to 100 users at the same on a particular Wi-Fi network.

While connecting to your Wi-Fi network, WiFiKill automatically searches for all the devices connected to your network and show them on a list along with their IP address, Mac Address, Name of the device, upload and download speed. This information can be a handful as you can tell who’s device is connected to your Wi-Fi network. If you don’t want individual devices to be connected to your Wi-Fi network, then you can just ignore them in the list.

Hackers may have hacked your Wi-Fi

Apart from the devices which you are familiar with, there might be some devices which might have connected to your network without your approval. You can spy all those unwanted devices with the help of WiFiKill. It really helps as you can even know who hacked your Wi-Fi.

If your Wi-Fi connection is usually very good but sometimes the internet speed decreases and that is when someone else might have used your internet. You can easily look out for WiFiKill pro and spot out the one who is using your Wi-Fi and eliminate the device right away.

WiFiKill user interface

WiFiKill had a minimal interface with some buttons to tap on. There are a settings options for tweaking your Wi-Fi blacklist. This app can also be counted as one of the best Wi-Fi managers out there.

There are two main features of this app which are “Grab All” and “Kill all”.

wifikill no root

Grab all –Grab all is pretty self-explanatory. It selects (Grabs) all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. It is hard to kill the devices one by one, so a “Grab All” button is very convenient.

Kill all –“Kill All” buttons kill all the devices Wi-Fi connection at once. You have to tap on “Grab All” button and then “Kill All” to kill the devices.

WiFiKill is available for Android currently. iOS will soon get this app and people who use devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod will be able to use this app. If you are upset about the unavailability of WiFiKill on iOS platform, then you can use the alternative of WiFiKill like Netcut.

How to download WiFiKill No Root on your Android smartphone

  1. Using your Android smartphone, go to settings > Security and tap on “Unknown Resources” to enable the installation of app files from third party sources.
  2. Now open Google Chrome browser and on the search bar type “Wifikill1.7 app download”. Devices with no root access can install the old version of WiFiKill.
  3. Now tap on the search button, and you will get the results.
  4. Enter the website where you can find this particular version of WiFiKill.
  5. Go to the website and tap on the download button.
  6. Download the file and open it.
  7. You can directly open the app file from the notification bar.
  8. Now tap on the install button to install Wifikill in your Android smartphone.

WiFiKill and WiFiKill Pro runs properly on root Android smartphone so I cannot guarantee that your WiFiKill will work properly if your Android device does not have root access.

You can look for lots of ways to root your device if you are looking forward to rooting your device.

Over to you:

Wifikill No Root: So that is how you can install Wifikill without root. Now kill all the devices which are making your internet slower. Also, let us know your experience after installing this app. Rooting your Android device can be a risky process, so only do it if you are sure of it.

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