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WiFiKill Pro Apk Download

Wifikill Pro: Does your Wi-Fi network have a slow internet due to lots of connected devices? If you are one of those people who want to make other devices connected to your network just disappear from your wifi network, then you should read this article till the very end. Well, you can kill those devices so that they don’t connect their device to your network. How exactly? Let me tell you how.

Wifikill Pro app is a great tool for both Android and iOS platforms. This mobile app is your best bet if you are having problems with your internet speed and want to kill all the devices other than yours, which are connected to your Wi-Fi network.

So stay tuned to this article because I will show how you can download and install this app on, your smartphone. I will also tell you how this app works with some of its important features.

wifikill pro

There are various types of networks such as Office network, Home network, Hotel and restaurant networks. The Wi-Fi network in these places may vary, but WiFiKill Pro works under all such networks.

Wifikill for Android and iOS

WiFiKill Beta version

[sociallocker id=”86″]This tool is very convenient especially in Office network as there are always lots of devices connected to the office Wi-Fi. You can easily kill the devices which are not in use because it will affect the internet speed and the workflow will get slower.[/sociallocker]

Another useful thing about using WiFiKill is that since there are lots of hackers who can easily hack through your firewall and get access to your Wi-Fi, WiFiKill will help prevent any such action from taking place. This unauthorized act cannot be tolerated as it slows down your internet. Now you can easily kill those unwanted devices with the help of WiFiKill Pro app.

WiFiKill Pro is the beta version of WiFiKill. Although there’s not significance difference between the pro version and the basic version, it is always good to have a stable version of the app, which, here is WiFiKill Pro.

How WiFiKill is better than other Wi-Fi manager

WiFiKill works very well with any type of device. It even works on a low budget smartphone without any error. It is also available for free on both Android and iOS platform. There is no ad available in the pro version of WiFiKill.

When WiFiKill was first developed, it was just for fun and to play with your home network and devices connected to it, but people seem to find it very useful, and it started to gain popularity. So the developers made some updates to the app, and now it is one of the best Wi-Fi manager apps out there.

Download WiFiKill Pro 2.3.3

Now there is a new version available for WiFiKill Pro. The new version comes with lots of fixed bugs which were present in the previous version. Now you can easily kill the devices which are connected to your Wi-Fi network to enhance your internet experience.

Important Features of WiFiKill Pro

1. WiFiKill Pro lets you manage the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network at one place. The app lists all the devices with their IP address, Mac Address, Device name, up and download speed. This information is very useful.
2. Kill the devices which are connected to your home network in just one tap.
3. It works when your phone is connected to your Wi-Fi where all the other devices are also connected. When WiFiKill is connected to your Wi-Fi network it instantly searches for all the devices connected to the same Wi-Fi and list it in the app.
4. WiFiKill pro also works on tablets since tablets also runs on Android and iOS.
5. WiFiKill also has the ability to show the amount of data transferred to a specific device.

Easily manage your Wi-Fi network with WiFiKill Pro. You don’t have to access the other devices which are connected to your Wi-Fi to disconnect them; you can kill all the devices from your internet network all at once with the help of WiFiKill Pro.

There are few issues regarding the WiFiKill app which is experienced by some users. You can check out on how to fix such issues on our website.

WiFiKill needs Root access

WiFiKill pro will not work on your Android smartphone if it is not rooted. You need to root your device to run the app. So make sure to root the device with some rooting app which will help you root easily.

WiFiKill Pro apk download


1. Rooted device

2. Internet access

3. Compatible with Android version 4.2 jelly Bean and above.

So now I’m going to guide you on how you can download the app file of WiFiKill Pro. Since the app is not available in the Play store, you have to look for it on third party websites. Downloading apps from third party websites will cause no harm to your device if you are aware of what you are actually downloading.

Wifikill Pro apk Download

So here are the steps to download and install WiFiKill Pro app

1. Go to settings > Security and tap on “Unknown Sources” to enable the access of unknown sources from third party websites. Without enabling “Unknown Sources,” you won’t be able to download app files.
2. Now open Google chrome browser and on the search bar type “Wifikill Pro app download.”
3. Tap on the search button and wait for some time.
4. On getting your search results, tap on one of the websites.
5. Open the website and tap on the download button.
6. The app file of WiFiKill Pro will start to download.

wifikill pro apk
7. After WiFiKill Pro app gets downloaded on your Android smartphone, you will get a notification.
8. Open the notification, and you will see the installation process.
9. Tap on the install button and WiFiKill Pro will get installed on your Android smartphone after few minutes.

So that is how you can install the app on your Android smartphone. The app should be used wisely and should not create any type of conflict in any case.

Anyways enjoy improving your Wi-Fi network by eliminating the unwanted devices from your network.

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