Fix Invalid System Date Error on Mobdro Fire Stick Tv 2017

What is a fire stick?

Mobdro on Fire Stick Tv: Once in a while apps can have some problems and errors due to various reasons. This is the case with Mobdro. Although the app is one of the best apps for consuming multimedia, it has some issues which is not letting the users not be able to take advantage of what Mobdro has to offer.

Specifically, the error with the Mobdro is some kind of glitch regarding the app which has to do with the “Invalid System Date Error.” This error has been faced by many Mobdro users and cannot seem to find the solution. But don’t worry, in this article, I will show you the guide to fix “Invalid System Date Error, ” and you will be able to use Mobdro watch your favorite contents without any errors.

Mobdro fix Invalid System Date Error

So there are lots of complaints registered regarding the glitch when the users try to access to Mobdro App on their Firestick TV. If you are wondering why it is happening then let me tell you the reason. The reason behind all the error is complex and can be solved easily. Just like some of the android apps which needs internet access, Mobdro also needs access to the internet access to the internet, and if the app is not updated, then it is showing the Invalid date error. The Date of the system of the Mobdro App is not up to dates why it is not showing content or not working properly.

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As the contents in Mobdro are updated on a regular basis, you need to update the app in order to get access to those contents. The app will get confused about the system date of the app and actual system date.

Mobdro App is available for Android, Windows PC, Mac, iPhones, iPads, Kodi and Firestick. The new update is now available for all the platforms, and you can even update Mobdro app in your Firestick TV.

Remember that if you have installed the app from a third party website which most of you probably did since Mobdro is not available in any of the official app stores, you need to download the updated file manually to update the app. The app won’t show the update notification. But you can get the idea of getting the update when it shows such kind of errors.

The newest version available for Mobdro is Mobro 2.0.46. To avoid any kind of errors and issues regarding the Mobdro app, you need to install v2.0.46.

If you recently purchased a 4K Firestick TV, then it is recommended an update to the new version because it supports 4K contents and you can stream and watch 4K videos and movies in your Firestick 4K. Firestick runs Android apps, and you can run plenty of android apps like Youtube and twitch, etc. to watch multimedia contents but Mobdro is a better option because you can watch HD movies for free.

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How much is a fire stick?

Mobdro is the best multi-media app for both Android and iOS. This app is packed with features and a great experience which you might not get in other apps. You can stream and watch movies, Sports channels, tech videos, funny videos, and music videos, etc. The quality of the contents is also in high quality that means all your contents can be streamed in HD.

Mobdro is very popular apps and millions of people are already using this app. Although the app is not available in Play store and app store, there are plenty of third party websites where you can sideload this app for free.

Mobdro also has some problems which we have already talked about in this article. But lately, the problem is getting bigger since the Fire stick TV users are getting a message as “Invalid System Date error.”

Solution for Mobdro not working properly

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your Fire stick TV is set up correctly. Check the dates and timing of Fire stick. This could be one of the reasons why Mobdro has been showing the error.

Check your internet connection. This could be the least possible reason of the error, but you need to make sure that everything is working properly.

You might be using the older version of the Mobdro in your FireStick TV, and that’s why it is showing the error. Try to install the new version of the app in FireStick TV.

Steps to update Mobdro in Fire Stick TV

  1. Power up your Fire Stick TV and go to settings.
  2. After going to settings, you have to go to applications.
  3. You will get few options in the application area such App Store, Photos, Game circle and Manage installed applications.
  4. Go to Manage Installed applications and open up “ES File explorer.” (If you don’t have Es file explorer then I suggest you to download and install the app in your FireStick TV before proceeding to these steps).
  5. On the left side of the screen, there will be a Favorite option. Click on that, and it will expand.
  6. Go to Add and the address section will show up where you need to type the address.
  7. Type in the path and name the other section as anything you would like.
  8. Now scroll down to the bottom left of the screen, and you will see the name of the path which you have already named.
  9. Click on that, and the main screen will try to load the webpage.
  10. Of course, it won’t show anything. Now you have to click on “More” on the right bottom.
  11. The download will start, and after some time Mobdro will be updated in your Firestick TV.

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Over to you:

Now the app won’t show the same error message, and you will be able to use Mobdro apk normally without any error. Try to look for the new updates whenever you get some kind of error in Mobdro.

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