Wifikill Not Working – Error Solved/Fixed

Wifikill Not Working? Your Wi-Fi connection varies with the amount of device connected to it. So if your Wi-Fi network has lots of devices connected to it, you may have a problem with the internet performance. So in this kind of situation, you can use WifiKill app.

You are the one who is paying for your internet connection so no one else can use your internet for the excessive amount of time. Also, there are some intruders sometimes who get through your password and connects to your Wi-Fi without you even knowing about it.[sociallocker id=”144″]Isn’t it?[/sociallocker]

So in order to do something about such people, you need to have Wifikill app

WifiKill App works wonder by improving your Wi-Fi connection. It eliminates all your preferred devices connected to your network with the “Kill” button.

You can easily kill any device you want from your Wi-Fi connection. When you open the app for the first time, it will automatically connect to your WiFi and shows all the devices connected to your WiFi network.

WiFiKill has the ability to show the Unique Address, IP address, Mac address, Name of the device, up and download speed of the devices connected to your particular Wi-Fi network.

WifiKill is one of the best apps for its purpose, and there are not many apps which can compete with this app. This app is popular on both Android and iOS platform. But this app is not available in either of the official app stores. So you have to sideload the app from third party websites.

Fix Wifikill not working error fix wifikill error

As the app gain popularity, there is a need for more servers which leads to some errors and problems which are faced by some Wifikill users. Mostly this issue is faced by the android users. It has been reported that the app does not work properly in Lollipop and marshmallow.

“getpcap_loop not working” message is showing in most of the users who are having the problem. So stick to this article because I will show how you can fix this problem with some easy steps.

WifiKill has the ability to monitor your Wi-Fi network on a full fledge. Disable any device which is connected to your WiFi network without even having t access to that particular device that you want to disable. Just use WifiKill app from your smartphone and kill all the devices to improve your internet experience.

WifikIll is easy to use and sometimes it is fun to use as you are eliminating device secretly. Well, don’t do this to your friends or else your friendship may be in danger.

So the issue has been increasing, and people who are running Wifikill in older versions of Android may face the same problem as the ones who are using the app in Lollipop and Marshmallow.

Wifikill not working

What exactly is the problem with WifiKill

Wifikill is a great tool to kill devices which are connected to your WiFi network. But some people can take advantage of the greatness of WifiKill since the issue “pcap_loop” error is occurring. This is the WiFiKill service error from the network and the app itself. You might have faced the force closing of WifiKill, and it does not work properly.

So the big question in this situation is that the service needs root system or not. Well, Wifikill works best with rooted Android devices. So you need to have root access to your Android device.

Rooting any seem a very complicated task for normal android users but it opens lots of options to tweak the particular Android system. The mechanism of Wifikill works with root device because it needs to access to the core system of the Android device.

You can look for easy root method from the internet if you don’t know how to do it.

WifiKIll works with the basic network, so it will not work properly with big restaurants, school and office Wi-Fi. It can access to 200 devices at a time so anything which exceeds that number cannot be handled by Wi-Fikill.  That is why you are getting “WiFiKill has stopped” message.

Here are some generalises that you can do in your lollipop and Marshmallow Android devices.

WiFiKill error pcap_lool failed

Make sure that you have root your device properly because sometimes the root access needs to according to the need of apps like WifiKill. So if your app is still crashing or showing pcap-loop error, then your root android device is not properly rooted.

WifiKill not working

WifiKill is not yet available for iOS but due to its popularity the developers are also working on iOS version WiFikill, and it will be released soon on iOS platform.

The problem should already be fixed with iOS before it comes out.

WifiKill is not working on Lollipop and Marshmallow?

WiFiKill also has a pro version which is working without any issue in jellybean, ice cream sandwich, KitKat. XDA has a lot of members, and one of the member from XDA developed the app it works wonder. It blocks lots of devices from accessing to Wi-Fi network.

Step to fix pcap_loop failed

  1. For Lollipop and Marshmallow, you need to check your root device before jumping into anything. You can use such tools like SuperSU or Root checker to get your root information. You will be assisted to manage your apps and the permissions.
  2. Verify that your device is rooted with the tools I have mentioned above and opened WiFiKill on your Android device. Now the app should run without crashing.
  3. You can grant root access with the help of SuperSU by pressing the button. If the message “unable to start service, do you have root?” shows up then you can re-root your device.
  4. You also check periodically in SuperSU for root access.

Over to you:

After doing all these steps, WiFIKill will not face wifikill not working error. Wifikill for Android to kill devices and Wi-fi connections. Also rooting void your warrant so that the risk on your own. However, just in case you still end up facing the same error, you can try to fix it by following the procedure again.

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