How to tell if your login or passwords have been stolen?

Passwords are one of the most private things you can have on the internet. Passwords keep our data and various accounts safe and secured. Although we believe that our passwords are safe and nobody else knows about it, we may be lying to our self. IN this world of technology and internet, there are many great and intuitive things on the internet and for the internet. But there’s also the bad side of the internet which is known is cyber crimes. There are various types of cyber crimes, and one of them is hacking.

So all your passwords and accounts can be hacked by such hackers, and you will not even know about it. These hackers can be 3000 miles away from your or 3 miles or in your room; it doesn’t matter as you can access to anywhere with the help of the internet.

How to tell if your login or passwords have been stolen?

So now you must be wondering whether your password is secured or it has already been hacked or stolen by someone over the internet. Well, there are few ways you can find out whether your password is stolen or not. In this article, I’m going to show you different ways to find out whether your password is really a password or it has been spread all over the internet.

Now and then there has been a report regarding the stolen password or hacked account which really worries the internet users. These passwords can be your Google passwords, Yahoo passwords or all the other social media websites passwords.

How to tell if your login or passwords have been stolen

Some sources said that there are more than one billion accounts that have been hacked in last month from all over the world. Out of these one billion accounts, one of them can be yours and you will never even known about it unless there’s something strange happening in your account. My point is not to make your suspicious and scared about your account but to be careful and take the necessary steps before it’s too late.

So How you can find out that your password I was stolen or not. Well, there are many sites which can provide you all the information about your account and password, and you can find out if the password is stolen or it is still safe. These sites can give you details from all the hacks, and you can search for your email and check whether your password is stolen or not.

So I’m going to tell you about some websites, and each website is great and easy to use. You can easily search for your email and find out your email and passwords if it is available. Well, it will be a very good news if your email doesn’t show up that means your password is still secured.

This one is my personal favourite to check whether your password is stolen or not. The name of the site is is a great site to check whether your information and password have been disclosed or not.  I would suggest you go to this site if you are in the same boat of having issues with your account and password. One of the great thing is that it tell you wide range of details and it even tells you where the hacked occurred and what kind of personal information has been taken.

Getting this much information on this website is very useful as you can suspect or maybe know the person who hacked your account if the location of hacked occurred in your locality.

How to tell if your login or passwords have been stolen

What to do if your password has been stolen?

The most accurate answer to that is to change your password as soon as possible. Create a new password which cannot be easily guessed by the hackers and trust me hackers are excellent at guessing and they might end up hacking your account again if you put a very simple password.

Tips to create a strong password

  1. Make it long and complex.
  2. Try to add numbers and upper case words.
  3. Avoid using names as this are the first thing that comes into hacker mind.
  4. Add special characters like “!”,”*” and “%.”

These are some of my personal tips for creating a new password.

So that’s it for the Now moving on to next we have “Leaked source”.


This website helps you to find out whether your password has been stolen and leaked into databases on the internet or online.

You can search for your emails, accounts, passwords and other information in leakedSource and see if your personal data is available in the LeakedSource databases. These databases show the information which has been stolen by the hackers on the internet.

The interesting thing about LeakedSource is that you can pay to see the database of a particular account which can be an alternative way to steal someone else databases., on the other hand, tell you whether your information is available in the database and doesn’t tell you anything more than that.

How to tell if your login or passwords have been stolen

To remove your database from leaked source all you have to do is search for your account and make the removal request from the entries. There should be an account confirmation which you have to do before you remove your database. You don’t have to pay anything to do that. But in case you want to see what’s inside of the database you have to pay like I said before.

So basically others can see your database if they pay to see more information from your database. So it is the best thing to remove your database. Remember that although you have removed your database from leaked source, it doesn’t mean that your database on other sites hacked by the hackers is also removed.

How do the hackers work With these websites?

Some hackers tend to pay to see the information from such websites like LeakedSource and hack another account. Obviously, they can see your password and email if they pay for it which is the policy of leakedSource. Personally, I don’t like LeakedSource for this pay and see policy. But they allow you to remove your information from the database.

Also if you see this paying policy from a different perspective, there might be some users who would like to know what kind of information has been leaked and attempt to make steps according to it.

Final Words

So to avoid these types of cases, you need to improve your security a little bit more. My final advice is to renew your password. I have already given you some few tips on creating a new password which you can check.





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