How to use DirecTV on PC?

Watching Movies and TV shows on your PC and laptop can be a great way to entertain yourself. But looking for the right movie streaming service can be hard. To all those people who have never tried to watch online movies on their PC or laptop, they find it even more difficult and complicated.

There are lots of web services and apps which provides excellent online streaming service to its customers. If you have the bucks to spend on these streaming services the there are many services which you can go for. But lately, there is an online movie and TV shows streaming service which is getting quite popular.

The name of this service is DirecTV, and in this article, I will talk about this service and how you can start using this service and watch unlimited contents on your PC and laptop. There will be a guide also later in this article about how you can install DirecTV Player on your PC and laptop.


DirecTV is a satellite service provider, and it is based in America. This company provides loads of contents over their direct broadcast satellite service. If we talk about the history of DirecTV, it will be launched on 1994 on June 17. Since then it is providing satellite service to major parts of America.

Now AT&T (a Big Cellular service provider in western countries) run this satellite service after the transaction value of $48.5 billion was completed on July 24, 2015.

how to use directv on pc

AT&T runs this service tremendously, and it is gaining more and more popularity over the past couple of months. People are subscribing to this service, and the demand is getting higher. This clearly shows that how good this service is.

DirecTV provides unlimited Movies and TV shows to its subscribers via satellite transmission. It also provides audio services which those who are into that. DirecTV services include broadcast television networks, satellite radio services, and private video service, etc.

Other Companies and broadcast service providers find it hard to compete with DirecTV because it provides wide varieties of services that you can achieve by subscribing to the particular service.

Customers who have subscribed to DirecTV has to pay a monthly subscription fee. The subscription fee may also vary as it provides different services. Addition monthly subscription fee can also be included to provide protection plans such as repairing or replacement of equipment which are damaged under the condition of the company. Other addition fee includes HD channels, premium channels, and addition receivers, etc.

Online streaming service

Although you can subscribe to DirecTV broadcast services, you can also subscribe to DirecTV for online streaming of movies and TV shows directly in your PC and Laptop.  This is one of the major services DirecTV and AT&T provide to its customers.

As long as you have fast internet connection and enough money to subscribe to online streaming service, you don’t have to subscribe to the broadcast service unless you want to. More people are engaging on the internet, and there are lots of customers available here. These clients prefer the online streaming service rather than the broadcasting service on the television.

There are lots of devices which can be connected to the internet and can be used to stream online contents. So DirecTV would be a great service provider if you are looking for Streaming movies and TV shows on your PC and Laptop.

I’m not saying that DirecTV is the only service which provides online movie streaming service, there are tonnes of websites which provide great services and some of them are even providing contents for free. But DirecTV provides great service with lots of channels and audio services. These contents are of high quality, and you don’t have to pay much to get HD experience.

In DirecTV, you can access to as many contents as you want. There is no time limit. You can use your PC or laptop and surf the DirecTV contents on your web browser.   With Direct TV you can watch hit movies and shows on your computer as long as you have the internet.

Introducing of DirecTV to the Internet is also very convenient because you can watch online contents on your laptops which give you the portability. You don’t need to go to a particular room to watch movies on your television. You can watch movies and TV shows on the go.

How to use DirecTV on PC?

Now let’s talk about the requirements of using and subscribing to DirecTV service.

–    You need to have Windows or Mac PC/Laptop in which you will watch great contents of DirecTV.

Windows PC

–    Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 are compatible with DirecTV service and the DirecTV player in which you will stream the services.

–    Firefox version 17 and above or Google Chrome 35 or above are supported to run DirecTV service.

–    Plus Adobe Flash Player installed on your Computer.


–    Mac OS X 10.6.X (Snow Leopard), Mac OS X 10.7.X (Lion), or Mac OS 10.8.x (Mountain Lion) are the compatible Mac versions.

–    Safari version 5 or above, Google Chrome 35 or above and Firefox 17 or above.

–    The new version of Adobe Flash Player must be installed in your system.

So these are the requirements specifically for Windows and Mac. If you are not having any of these things, then install them before you proceed further to watch movies on DirecTV.

DirecTV is a great online streaming service provider, and anyone can enjoy it as long as they have the internet connection. Once you subscribe to the service, you can access to its unlimited contents.

how to use directv on pc

Features of DirecTV

  1. DirecTV provides great service to its customers. There are over 3500 HD channels available in DirecTV. You can access to all these channels just by subscribing to the HD contents.
  2. There is no limitation on Bandwidth and hardware installation for using DirecTV service.
  3. DirecTV service is available all around the world that means you can get over 3500 HD channels from all the countries all around the world.
  4. There are Movies, TV shows, sports, reality shows, private videos, and news are available on DirecTV.
  5. The service provided DirecTV is available 24×7, and you can access it anytime.
  6. You can stream unlimited movies and TV shows on your Windows and Mac PC.

TV signals are digital, and these are acquired by satellites and tuners. You can watch movies and other TV programs whenever you want. The digital signals acquired by satellites can also be received by portable media devices such as laptops and PC thanks to technology.

How to use DirecTV in your Windows laptop or PC?

  1. Boot up your Windows PC or Laptop and open Firefox or Google Chrome browser.
  2. Now visit DirecTV website using your browser.
  3. Create an account and download the compatible driver for your operating system. Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are compatible with DirecTV service.
  4. After downloading the compatible driver, all you need to do is open the driver by double clicking on it.
  5. The driver will open, and the laptop tuner will automatically connect with DirecTV.
  6. Choose any programs which you prefer to watch from the guide list and enjoy unlimited streaming.

How to use DirecTV on your Mac?

  1. Just like windows, visit DirecTV official website using Firefox, chrome or safari.
  2. Sign in to DirecTV subscription portal. There you can select the type of service you want. The fee for each service varies.
  3. Download the compatible driver and launch the driver.
  4. Your Mac will connect to DirecTV, and you can stream any channels which are in your range.

Here are the packages that you can subscribe and watch according to it.

how to use directv on pc

List of packages

145+ Channels – $50 per month

You have to pay $50 to get access to over 145 channels provided by DirecTV. If that’s not enough for you, then you can go for the further subscription.

150+ Channels – $55 per month

175+ Channels – $60 per month

220+ Channels – $70 per month

240+ Channels – $75 per month

315+ Channels – $125 per month

Final words:

So these are packages that you can subscribe, and you have to pay a premium for each package. It is all worth it if you subscribe since all the channels are of high quality. The service is also great, and you can’t complain about it.

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