Hulu Live TV App for Android and iOS

Hulu Live TV : With the technology getting advanced day by day, the daily experience also is getting transformed, and with this evolution, the entertainment industry is also riding at lightning speed. Now we have come that far so that the entertainment is not just limited to our TV screens in the drawing rooms, but is within our palms. Experiencing the Live TV was never too much fun. Just imagine that you can enjoy your favorite football match while commuting from your office to home. You won’t be limited to just the live commentary but the complete match right on your phone. Experiencing entertainment is transforming, and it is making it more accessible day by day for everyone. Read hulu live tv review in brief.

Hulu Live TV app download free for Android and iOS

TVoIP (Television over IP) is the new age of entertainment, and it is moving at a great pace. Entertainment has moved from the TV sets in your drawing rooms to wherever you want it. This is basically possible with the application of the internet. One such attempt is HULU Live TV which works with the Android 10, Android 5.0 and more, Xbox One, Apple TV (4th Gen) and Chromecast. As the service is in Beta version so will be soon available for other platforms too. With this Live TV service, the viewers have the access to watch all of their favorite shows, sports, movies and cartoons on the live TV and also you can watch unlimited from the stored library of HULU streaming library. There is the best collection of movies, tv shows, cartoons, etc. Since this is the future of entertainment and thus gone is the age of cable TV. With the internet live TV, you get the best picture quality with unlimited contents to browse from.

hulu live tv app for android ios

Hulu Live Tv Channels :

With the HULU Live TV application, you can subscribe with $39.99 and get the unlimited access in Hulu TV to the HULU Streaming Library and 55 live channels which contain the top sports, movies and tv shows channels with infotainment. The channel may vary depending on the region you are in and access the content. Some hulu live tv channels list  added based on the regional preference while some popular channels could be missing also. Such as you may be able to get access to local CBS channel, but the FOX, ABC or NBC may be missing from the list. Apart from the live TV you also get access to 50 hours of live TV recording which can be accessed later using the same subscription id. And with one subscription of $39.99, you can get access to the same account on two devices, which means you can watch the contents using two different devices. But to access the TV service, you need to reconnect your device with the HULU Wi-Fi at your home within the 30 days. Otherwise, the service won’t be accessible.

Features of HULU Live TV Service

  • You get unlimited access to the HULU Streaming library from where you can watch tons of popular movies and tv shows.
  • You get 50 hours of DVR recording feature to record the live TV shows, movies, News, sports, etc.
  • Access to 55 different live TV channels.
  • Access on two devices simultaneously with the same account.
  • The unlimited version completely adds free and subscription to premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax.

As the HULU Live TV service is available in the form of an application which needs to be downloaded on your device to access it, so let’s have a look at the downloading and installation procedure of the application.

Downloading instruction for HULU Live Service

Hulu App For Android

Using the .apk application
  • Before installing the application, you need to turn ON the option to install applications from unknown sources.
  • To turn ON this option go to the ‘Settings’ and in the ‘Additional Settings’ option find the privacy Here you will find the ‘Unknown Sources,’ turn it ON.
  • Now go to the browser and search for HULU Live TV apk download.
  • Download the .apk file from the official site of the of the HULU TV application.
  • Now go to the download folder and open the downloaded .apk file of the application.
  • Install the application by accepting the terms and granting the permissions required.
  • Now the application is installed, you can simply login if you already have purchased the service, otherwise register as a new user and pay for the subscription.
  • Once you are logged in to the live TV supplication, you are all set to go.
From the Play Store
  • Search for ‘HULU Live TV’ application in the search bar of the Play Store.
  • Choose for the application which is from the Hulu as the publisher.
  • Open the application page and click on the ‘Install’ button and grant the permission which the application may require in future.
  • Wait till installation is completed and then open it and login using your subscription account credentials.

Hulu App For iOS

  • Go to the App Store of your iOS and then search for the keyword, ‘HULU Live TV’ in the search bar.
  • In the available link for the application, open the link which has HULU as the publisher of the application. This version of the app is the original.
  • Currently, the application has its latest version at 5.6.1 so be sure to download the correct version.
  • Now press the ‘download’ button and wait till downloading commences.
  • Open the application, login with your subscription credentials and enjoy.

hulu live tv app for ios


The future of entertainment lies in these fields and thus now even the Hulu TV sets are becoming compatible with the developing technology to allow for the live TV streaming over the internet. Many popular services are also available such as the Amazon Prime TV, etc. but what HULU is offering is quite affordable as well as better in many features. In spite of being just in the Beta phase, it is offering quite a good service, and I strongly feel that in less than a quarter of the year it will be more popular than the best competitors that it may have today. Being available for $39.99 for such a service can be called affordable for many.

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