Is mobdro app legal in UK, US, Ireland and Canada?

First of all, let’s discuss Mobdro app. It’s an online video streaming app that you can easily download on your devices. It has become very popular and is on trending now a day. If you love to stream videos online, then you should definitely try this app. It has got some amazing features that make video watching experience amazing. It’s a small app, and you can easily get its APK file easily on the internet. You won’t get this on Playstore hence there are sayings that this app is illegal. Well, we will get to this point.

Is mobdro app legal?

Let’s discuss Mobdro app. So first of all, it’s a free video streaming app. Yeah, you heard it right. It’s free. It allows you to watch any of their favorite shows, programs, sports, news, games, tech, spirituals and other popular movie channels. Watching sports is best on this app. you get a lot of variety and approximately all sports channels that are available in the world. Lot and lot more things are there that you can watch on this app. User-Interface is quite good, and there are lot more features there. Due to these all, Mobdro has sky-rocketed their reach within a month and becomes the world best online streaming application. Other local video streaming apps can’t be compared with this. The best part is, it is free.

There are some things that you will be able to do after installing this app:

  • You can discover new videos that are uploaded by people through various websites. It might be possible that these videos will be about various topics and also from various languages.
  • You can just share interesting videos so that your friends and family members can watch them. This can be done by just one click.
  • Videos can be bookmarked and organized easily. Videos can be bookmarked first, and then they can be organized further by categorizing them into several categories according to languages and topics of videos.

In spite of all these features, people have doubts in their minds that whether this app is legal or not. The main reason for this is it’s not available on Play Store and many other official apps stores. You have to download it from third party applications or from sites that provide the APK. This confusion is mainly existing in countries like the UK, US, Ireland, and Canada. Now let’s take a look at the answer to this question.

is mobdro app legal

Mobdro App free Download for Android: According to me, it is 100% safe. It is completely safe and secure if you are downloading the official Mobdro app from an authentic website. There are many fake Mobdro apps available in the market. So it is recommended to search righty and download the original application. There are many online apps store available on the Internet. Just go and search there. You can also read blogs and Quora to know where you can find this app. Pretty simple.

I will also recommend to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your device before getting started. It’s just for security reasons. If you use this, you remain anonymous on the internet, and no one can track your location and identity. It’s not for this app only; it’s for general. Some ISPs sells user data, so it’s better to use VPN.

is mobdro app legal

I think the main reason for the user being uncomfortable about the legality of this app is because it’s not available on Google Play Store. But if you read Mobdro’s Terms and conditions, you will see that it is completely authentic and legal. Let’s take a look what they have written in their terms and conditions.

They say that Mobdro is an Android application that let users stream videos online. You may download mobdro for android here. It’s a medium for users that helps them to crawls the web for free streams, arrange them into a category and capture them for watching. They also said that Mobdro has no control over what is being shown. The content or locations of the streams will be the sole responsibility of the pages on which they are hosted. They also said that they Mobdro won’t be responsible for any failures in the display of content, Internet connections, viruses, etc. or some other thing that may pose a threat to your device. There are a number of options that are available to users. Mobdro app is available in two versionsFree Application and its Premium application.

So as we have seen, Mobdro didn’t say anything about illegality or something like that. We should respect their terms and conditions and use the Mobdro Software free of mind. There are little chances that live streams may stream from pirated sources and may end up in legal troubles. There are very fewer chances for it. Well, many of us use torrents sites, and we know that they don’t cause any troubles. You just have to be a little bit careful, and you will be ready to go. To avoid troubles caused by using pirated content, use VPN. Just download any good VPN app and connect it to your network on your device. It may take a little bit of time, but after getting connected, you can stream as you want. VPNs just hide your IDs from ISP and many other agencies.


On considering, it’s a very good application. It is simple and easy to use by anyone. Due to good UI, you can navigate with ease. There are two types of this app. First one is freemium, and the latter one is premium. Video watching experience becomes even better with the ability to bookmark and organize the interesting videos. We have also seen that app is completely legal and you don’t need to care about it. You just need to be a little bit careful on content because the app is legal, but the content may be pirated. Overall it’s an amazing app and allows to watch your favorite movies, shows, sports, news and much more. All content is available in HD format, so quality is not an issue. You can also download your favorite videos or bookmark them for future.

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