Is mobdro the new kodi? Is it legal to stream on mobdro?

Kodi is one of the best apps to stream and watch multi-media contents for free. There are millions of users who are using New Kodi on their smartphones, tablets and even on their TV. There are loads of new kodi addons; each add-on provides several broadcasting networks to watch movies, videos, podcasts, and sports channels.

XBMC Kodi is providing lots of great stuff for free, and we all like it. But only some us knows that the contents provided by New Kodi are mostly illegal and has copyright contents. That’s why recently some of the copyrighted add-ons for Kodi are banned because of the illegal streaming content. On other hand, Kodi TV box allows people to illegally stream free videos to their television.

Mobdro is also a great multimedia tool to stream and watch movies and videos for free. But the story is the same with Mobdro also, and there is a speculation that Mobdro will soon be totally shut down due to its copyright contents.

is mobdro the new kodi?

Mobdro has been a great daily server for years now, and it is still gaining popularity. If Mobdro will be banned, then it would be a bummer for all its users and Mobdro itself. There are several questions come in mind like: What is the latest version of kodiHow to install kodi on fire tv? and more. Read further to get answers of every question.

Is mobdro the new Kodi?

In New Kodi, we can install add-ons from the repository and Mobdro is one of the add-ons available for Kodi. On the other side, Mobdro is an app in itself and provides contents straight from the servers.

Both the apps are available for Android operating. Kodi is available on Google Play Store and can be installed easily on one of the Android phones nowadays. Mobdro, on the other hand, is not available on any official app store. You can only sideload the app by downloading the apk file from third party websites.

Why did Kodi servers are banned but not Mobdro?

You are probably asking this question to yourself. Well, let me tell you the reason. Kodi is far bigger app than Mobdro in terms of servers and add-ons it provides from several other servers which is why the copyright con Mobdro shows illegal content was detected. So due to its popularity, it was not hard to detect the copyright issue from the legal owners. Kodi is not completely shut down, I don’t think that would happen, but the add-ons which are banned are most probably the favorites add-ons.

Mobdro is in a bleeding edge state, and it has started getting popularity. But Mobdro is unfamiliar to lots of people. Although mobdro shows illegal contents, it is not that much as compared to Kodi. So mobdro is still running its service without any issue, and Mobdro is trying to claim the right to show all the contents legally.

So another thing to wonder is that is Mobdro replacing Kodi?

Mobdro is a great tool to stream and watch contents which you watch on your TVs. You can watch movies channels like HBO, Fox world, etc. Apart from the movies, there are plenty of channels available on Mobdro which shows live Sports. All these services are for free. So mobdro is giving a lot to the users. Download latest version of kodi for android.

Mobdro can be installed in Fire Stick TV, Kodi, Windows PC and laptops, Chromecast and Kindle.

is mobdro the new kodi?

So is it safe to stream contents from Mobdro?

On the internet, there are lots of illegal things available, but no one does anything about because it is no harm to the user and the server. So watching contents from Mobdro is totally safe.

Mobdro joins Kodi to stream the contents when KodiMobdro add-ons were not banned.

There are lots of people on the peers who make the stream available legally and illegally. Mobdro takes those servers and provides the contents via their servers in a very clean users interface.

Some links may sometimes have problems because the legal owner shut it down, that’s why you get those unexpected errors. So the contents you watch in Mobdro comes from somewhere on the internet and Mobdro helps you find them regardless of the legal or illegal contents.

Here is the User license agreement. Read carefully to know about the user right and what you can do to some extent.

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are based on the rights and obligations of the mobdro user in respect to the mobdro. You can avail the services on any devices, but if you are not agreed to the terms and conditions, the condition is that you don’t have to use the service anymore. Apart from that, it’s your total response from your side. You have the responsibility for your device and your internet connection. This is subject to you and your internet service provider, and it has nothing to do with Mobdro and its servers. Your age must be above legal age in your country to use mobdro and use its service. You also need to have the authorization of your parents or guardians if you are a minority.

Cancellations and refunds

If you are a premium user of Mobdro, then you can use the app for an indefinite term as long as the app works. The users can cancel their subscription before 15 mins past the time of purchase. If 15 mins have the past and you didn’t cancel your subscription, then it is claimed as you purchased the premium service and cannot be refunded.

Authorize users

The authorization of the users is solely based on the usage only. Your personal data is not collected, nor you have to give any payment information when you use the freemium version of the app for the first time. So your personal information does not reach to the mobdro users although mobdro has no intention to spread your personal information.

Wrapping it up: 

So mobdro is clear about their terms & conditions and their authorized user information. You don’t need to worry about Kodi streaming the illegal contents as long as your internet connection provider does not have any problem with it. So watch contents from Mobdro without worrying about anything. If you have any problem regarding this issue, then you can simply comment it down in the comments section.

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