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Jio chat free download for windows PC and Mac

The most used apps on our smartphones are the messaging apps and with plenty of popular messaging apps available for android and iOS. Reliance Telecom Pvt Ltd has released their own messaging app in collaboration with the launch of Jio called Jio Chat App.

JioChat is here to give a tough competition to the likes of Whatsapp, Hike, Tango, Facebook messenger, and Line. Although the competition is tough in this category, I can see plenty of people using this app for the sake of free internet provided by reliance Jio.

Jio chat for Windows PC and Mac devices:

Do you know you can even run JioChat app in your windows PC? Yes, in the past we have seen the methods for running whatsapp on PC, Blackberry Messenger for PC and even other apps running on windows PC and Mac. The, get jio chat app download for pc. So today I will show you how you can run JioChat app on your windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 PC and Mac.

jiochat for pc and mac

Jio Chat is compatible with Android, iOS and blackberry platform. Reliance has made the app officially available for these platforms and can be download on their respected app store.

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Jio Chat vs WhatsApp

Mukesh Ambani, the founder of Jio, has launched Jio Chat app to compete against whatsapp which is the most used social media apps in India. As reliance Jio has gained a lot of reputation from Reliance jio, the JioChat can do a lot of good things to Mukesh Ambani and reliance itself.

As Jio Chat’s main target of audience is India and Jio chat itself is developed by Indian developers, you can expect that Jio chat will get popular in no time and it is going as expected. Now there are plenty of Jio chat users and people are trying to get this app. Follow our guide and keep reading this article to know how you can also get this app on your windows and Mac PC. Jio chat app download for windows.

jio chat for pc and mac

Features of Reliance JioChat

Here are some of the best features of Jio chat

  1. One of the best messaging app to stay connected to your friends and family.
  2. If you didn’t know, Jio chat offers you free voice over LTE and video calls for free.
  3. Jio chat offers conference calls so that meetings can be done with convenience.
  4. You can share multi-media stuff like pictures, videos and audio files to your friends. You can also share PDF files, excel and other documents.
  5. Jio chat offers a complimentary feature to make you stay connected by letting you follow your favorite actors, actress, artist, brands and other trendy blogs. You can read these stuff when you don’t have any friends to talk to.
  6. Reliance Jio Chat is compatible with windows 7, 8, 8.1 and it works superbly without any issues and errors.
  7. Jio chat is free to download and there is no in-app purchase. Basically, you will get all the great features of Jio chat.
  8. Jio Chat will automatically sync all your contacts as soon as you will give permission to grant access to your contacts.
  9. Jio chat offers thousands of funny and ethnic stickers which you can to your friends and has some fun.

Now Jio chat can be installed on your windows PC and Mac. You can start having a conversation directly with your computer. Sometimes you can get tired of holding your phone and chatting for hours, with Jio Chat for PC you don’t have to carry a device. You can use your computer to chat with your friends by typing on your keyboard which can be much more intuitive although some prefer chatting on a smartphone.

Stickers in Jio Chat

One of the most fun part of using Jio chat is the Indian stickers. Jio has worked with lots of known artist to make these stickers. These stickers are based on the state culture which can express uniquely. These stickers are meant for fun and having a quality time while chatting and there are no intentions to offend any culture or group with these stickers. The stickers are based on various Indian languages like Hindi, Bangla, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, Gujarati Odia.

Read onwards about jio chat app download instructions…

How to download and install Jio chat on your Windows PC and Mac 

Since Jio chat is specifically made for smartphones, you cannot directly run the app unless you have an Android based device like Chromebook or iOS device like iPad. Jio chat app download for android.

There are plenty of android emulators which will come handy to intall Jio Chat in your windows PC and Mac. So before doing anything, you need to install an Android emulator called “Bluestack Emulator.” Bluestack is free to download, and you can easily download the emulator from the official website of Bluestack.

Bluestack download link –

Jio Chat for Windows7, 8, 8.1 and 10 PC and Mac 

Now that you have installed Bluestack Android emulator you can run free android apps in your windows PC and Mac. But you still have to install Jio app in bluestack in order to run Jio Chat in your computer.

So here are the steps to download and install Jio Chat in your windows PC and Mac

  1. Using your Windows PC or Mac, open google chrome and type “Jio Chat apk” in the search bar and press enter. (You can use Safari Browser if you are on Mac).
  2. Now enter the website where you can download the apk file Jio Chat.
  3. Click on the download button and the apk file will start to install.
  4. Now after the apk file will get installed simply open the apk file.
  5. When you open the apk file, Bluestack Emulator will open automatically with the installation process.
  6. Click on the install button and the Jio chat app will be available in the app drawer of Bluestack.

Wrapping it up: 

So now you can use Jio Chat and can have voice calls, video calls, and just a simple chat. I hope this article was helpful to you. So, now you are all set to experience a completely new messaging app distinct from those popular and usual messenger apps. Also, do let you know your experience with this app 🙂

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