How to make as my homepage?

Charter Communications is a cable telecommunication company in America which provides TV, Internet and voice services under the brand name of Charter Spectrum. It is America’s fastest growing company right now. It provides services in 41 states of America, and these services are availed by more than 25 million customers all across these states.With such a big list of customer satisfaction, Charter has become the second largest cable operator in the America.

It is the fifth largest provider of residential telephone services. The communication company was founded by Barry Babcock, Jerald Kent and Howard Wood in 1993. Charter has now become Spectrum, but nothing has been changed from your account information to your service facility. is the web page from Charter Communications and is available for the users of its Internet service. You can make this as your homepage on the browser if you are availing their internet service. This web page is a very useful one as you can access all your important and necessary tabs at the front page such as your email account, local and national news.


This comes very handily when you are on the go! Taking some quick glance at the top news headlines and along with some quick time-saving option to toggle between your homepage and some regular visiting web pages. In addition to these features, the homepage also shows the weather updates of the day and upcoming few days.

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All these information are relevant and important when you want to have an almost no time, and you want to plan ahead your day with some weather updates and checking your emails for any appointment or important, relevant data attachments.

How to make as my homepage?

Although there is many web pages available for the browsers to be put on as the home page, almost all the Charter service user advice to use as the home page. This is because this homepage is more useful than any normal homepage or a blank one. As the use of web page is preferred by many, so let us go through the steps by which you can also set this one as your homepage on the screen of the browser.

Steps to set as your web page:

There can be different ways to do this on different browsers. I will be taking some of the most popular web browsers that hopefully will cover the most of the traffic of the internet.

  1. Google Chrome
  • Open the Google Chrome web browser on your computer/laptop.
  • Once it is open, click on the options button at the top right corner of the browser.
  • Clicking on this button will open a sufficient number of options for you. In here, click on the setting option of the pop-up menu.
  • This will now open the setting bar in a new bar.
  • In the settings section, find the ‘On startup’ option. Here you will find three options in Google Chrome.
  • In this option, the three options include, ‘open the new tab page,’ ‘continue when you let off’ and now finally, ‘open a particular page or set of pages.’
  • In these three pages, the third option is what is needed to be considered. This option is where the link can be added of the
  • Now click on the little extension of this third option, ‘Set Pages.’ Clicking on this option will generate a pop-up box. In there you will find a blank space to enter the web link which you want to make as the homepage.
  • Nowhere in the blank box type, ‘’
  • And after this press ‘Ok.’
  • You are done with setting up ‘’ as your homepage. Now open a new tab to start taking the benefits of the homepage.

  1. Microsoft Edge
  • Open the web browser on your laptop.
  • When it is open find the options button on the screen which is situated at the top right side of the screen.
  • Clicking on this button will pop-up a menu bar from there only.
  • In this menu bar that has just popped out, find the setting option at the almost end of the pop-up option.
  • Click the setting button, and a list of setup option will be in place of this pop-up bar.
  • In the second place of the options available in this setup list, there will be an option saying, ‘Open Microsoft Edge with.’
  • Below this option, you will find a drop down option list. Click on it.
  • In this drop down menu, the last option will be ‘A specific page or pages.’
  • Select this option from the options list. You will find a blank space to enter the URL of the web page you want to make as the homepage of your Microsoft edge browser.
  • In here write, ‘’ And press enter.
  • This will now convert web page as your homepage. Now you can enjoy all the awesome and cool features of this web page right on your homepage.

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  1. Mozilla FireFox Browser
  • Open the Mozilla FireFox browser.
  • At the top right corner of the browser, you will find an options button. Click on the button to open up the options list.
  • In this list find the setting option, this is the place where you can set up the setting for your FireFox.
  • In the setting option, find the homepage option. In there click on the specific page choice and enter the URL,
  • Press enter or OK button after this. This will turn as the home page of your FireFox browser.

Final words

With these easy steps, you will be able to make as your homepage easily. Some of the browsers don’t have a default homepage with such an interactive feature, and this much of information on the go. Accessing your favorite TV shows and movies were never so easy. So, this was all about making as your homepage on various platforms. Now, you can actually save some time since you do not need to navigate to manually each time you wish to open that website on your PC or Laptop.

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