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Mobdro Android App (APK)

Mobdro Android: Some sources where we can consume a large amount of multimedia is just massive. There are various devices as well as apps and software which serves the purpose of entertaining lots of audiences.

Since we are always on the move and we don’t get much time to consume multi media from big devices like your television and desktop, but we always have our smartphone wherever we go. Our smartphone is a little entertaining hub to get some entertainment and relief from all the stress through out the day.

Since our smartphones have become our sole source of entertaining, I would like to tell you about an app for Android which can be a great companion for your multimedia entertainment.

mobdro android

Mobdro for Android devices (Smartphones and tablets) 

Although there are plenty of apps where you can watch multimedia but Mobdro is one of the best apps for multimedia, and it has lots of great features which I will talk about in this article. I will also guide you how to download mobdro on android.

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is a free video streaming site where you can watch multimedia contents like movies, videos, sports, news and lots of other channels. Gone are the days when you have to rely on devices like TV and Computer for consuming multimedia, now you can get entertainment directly from your Android smartphone with Mobdro app.

Reason to choose Mobdro over other multimedia apps

Mobdro is a convenient app to consume multimedia contents with just a few taps away. It is free of cost and won’t take much data from your internet. I’m aware of other great platforms for multimedia contents like YouTube and twitch etc. Mobdro might not have just as big servers as YouTube, but the contents available in Mobdro is also big enough to fulfill your entertainment desires.

If we talk about other similar apps like Mobdro, then there are few apps which are just as good as Mobdro. For example, Hotsar is a great app to watch movies and sports, but then the limitation is not on par with Mobdro. Mobdro has various types of videos like funny videos, tech videos, science videos, Music videos, news, entertaining and lifestyle videos.

For sports lovers, there is a great reason why you should try Mobdro. You can watch live sports match on Mobdro for free although not every content is not available for free. Mobdro has few sports channels, and one of them is ESPN. You can watch Barclays Premier League matches and stay up to date if you are a soccer fan.

mobdro android

User interface

The Mobdro user interface is somehow mediocre. Having a standard interface is a good thing since you can easily get used to it. Navigating through different sections of the app is just a few taps away. In the home screen, you will see the highlighted movies and videos are popular. There will also be a search bar where you can search for any video or movie that you want to watch. You can also bookmark channels, so next time you visit Mobdro, you can instantly get access to the channel from bookmarks.

When you swipe right from the left side of the screen, you will get access to the main options of Mobdro. You will have the option to go to Home, category, search, recent, download, favorites and the option to upgrade to Premium as “Go Premium.”

Mobdro is not a perfect app, and there are few things which can be a deal breaker for few people. You have to encounter advertisement every now and then at the beginning of the video. However, you can eliminate such issues with the premium version of Mobdro app.

Mobdro Premium

Mobdro premium version is the upgraded version of Mobdro where you can watch premium contents. Although the Mobdro app is free, you have to pay around a dollar for the premium version of Mobdro app.

Features of Mobdro Premium apk

  1. One of the best reason to upgrade to Premium version is the advertisement. Mobdro Premium version won’t have any kind of advertisement popping up on the screen while watching a video and while browsing through the app.
  2. You can cast any contents to your smart TV. Google Chromecast is one of the most popular casting devices, and it supports Mobdro. So when you don’t have any work to do, you can pop in the chrome cast with Mobdro and watch movies and videos on a big screen.
  3. Premium version of Mobdro provides premium contents. There are some contents in Mobdro including HD sports channels, movies, and videos. You can watch the contents in high definition to enhance your experience.
  4. You can share videos to other platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp. This feature is also available on the freemium version of Mobdro.

Mobdro Android: Mobdro is only available on Android platform however it might soon be available for other platforms. The ios app store had already removed the app because of the hosting of contents without permission prior. Download mobdro for android.

Mobdro is compatible with Android version 4.2 Jelly Bean and Above. The size of this app is approximately 42MB.

So now I will guide you how you can download and install Mobdro on your Android phone. Since Mobdro is not available in Google play store, I will show you can download the app from third party websites. Keep reading about mobdro android guide.

Steps to download and install Mobdro on your Android smartphone

  1. Using your Android smartphone open Google chrome browser and type “Mobdro app download.”
  2. Now press enter, and you will get your result.
  3. Now simply enter the website and tap on the download button.
  4. The app will get downloaded in a few minutes.
  5. Now go to settings > Security and enable Unknown sources.
  6. Now open the apk file and install the app.
  7. The app will be available on your home screen.

Fix mobdro not working on android phone.

Final Words

Now open the app (Mobdro Android) and get access to an endless amount of entertainment. Now, you can easily start streaming videos on your Android device using the mobro app.

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