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Mobdro for PC: There are plenty of fun apps out there for your devices. Entertainment comes from a lot of sources like the game, chatting, watching videos and movies. So today I will talk about another great app for watching videos. You might be thinking that we already have YouTube and twitch etc. to watch videos, but you should definitely try Mobdro because it has lots of videos stored in the library.

Mobdro is a great source of getting entertainment and having some relax from your hectic lifestyle. Don’t always have stress in your mind, sometimes you need to relax and let go of all the unnecessary stress that you are having in your mind. Use Mobdro and stream unlimited free videos to make you entertained.

Mobdro free download for PC / Laptop / Windows / Mac

Mobdro is an Android device, but unfortunately, it is not available for the iOS users. The developers of Mobdro even claimed that the app is yet available only on Android. So it’s a not so good news for the PC and Mac users also. But I have a solution for all the users who want to run Mobdro on their windows PC and Mac.

So stick to this article because I will show how you can download and install Mobdro in your Windows PC. Before we get into the downloading process, let’s talk about the app. Mobdro for pc free download.

Mobdro for PC: Run Mobdro in your PC

The advantage of having an app running on a PC will give you various pros to your entertaining experience. You will get a much bigger screen to watch videos which will enhance the experience. Navigating through videos and searching for your desired video would be much easier since you are getting bigger screen real estate. Although smartphones can also run the app without any issue PC and Mac would run smoothly which will deliver a great user experience.

Mobdro can run on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. On the Mac side, it is compatible with almost all the versions of Mac. So compatibility is not an issue, even if you have an old computer you can still run the app.

mobdro for pc

Categories of videos that you can watch on Monday

The list of videos is endless so it might be hard to search for a specific type of video, so mobdro has implemented a category option like all the other free streaming video apps. You can surf through sports, gaming, entertainment, news, tech videos and other channels present in Mobdro.

The video library also keeps updating since the servers are always available 24×7. There might be some private videos available in Mobdro, so if you want to get access to it then you can create a profile for full access to the video library.

Stream all the videos in high definition without any buffer. Mobdro works hard to deliver you buffer free experience when you stream video for free. Stream in 1080p and 720p without any problem.

Mobdro not available on Google Play store

As an Android app you might be thinking that Mobdro will be available on Google play store, but unfortunately, it is not available on Google play store due to some reasons. It doesn’t mean that Mobdro has some kind of defect in it. There are lots of other great apps which are not available on Google play store.

But we can expect the app to be available on Google Play store in coming future. Till then you can get the app from third party sites. The app is absolutely free of cost and won’t charge you anything. However, there is a premium version of the app which comes with a little amount of money. If you are happy with the Mobdro app, then you can easily upgrade to the premium version of the application. Get mobdro latest version.

Mobdro Premium Version

You can get Mobdro premium version for 2.99€ for a whole year subscription. You will get access to paid videos which you cannot normally watch on Mobdro. 2.99€ is not a big amount for a whole year subscription. I would suggest you to go for the premium version if you are enjoying the normal version of Mobdro app.

Mobdro Premium Version

  1. Getting Ads pop up on the screen is the most annoying thing if it covers the screen so if you want to get rid of it, then you can upgrade to Mobdro premium version. It has no ads pop up within the app even while browsing the library.
  2. Mobdro premium version has a download feature which is very useful for watching videos offline. When you don’t have an internet connection, you can simply watch the videos that you have already downloaded in mobdro premium.
  3. You can cast your mobdro contents to your smart TV with the cast feature available on the mobdro premium version. Stream videos in HD and cast on a bigger screen for the more enhanced experience. Google chrome cast is currently supported with the app.
  4. Some users may fall asleep while watching a video, so mobdro implemented a self-timer feature on the premium version where you can simply set the time so that it can turn off by itself in case you fall asleep.

Other Features like Cloud Sharing Integration & Live Events Streaming are coming soon on this App so stay tuned for the updates.

Mobdro is a great tool for streaming HD videos for free.

You can sort videos by date uploaded, length and popularity, etc. You can also share the videos on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.

Download Mobdro for PC

Download BlueStacks Emulator from here

Steps to install Mobdro app on your PC

  1. Open Google Chrome on your PC and search for Mobdroapk.
  2. Enter the website and tap on the download button.
  3. The app file will get the download in a few minutes.
  4. Now open the app file, and BlueStack will open.
  5. Tap on the install button and app will be available on the home screen of BlueStack.


Mobdro for PC: Now enjoy unlimited videos for free using Mobdro on your PC, so enjoy streaming your favorite videos 🙂

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