Top 15 free steam games

These day’s games have been taken over the world. Gaming is becoming popular day by day. Now, with the advancement in technology, there are many ways, apart from the traditional video games on which we can play amazing games; be it your Smartphone, PC, or Laptop. Similarly, the availability of the number of games in each category and in each platform has increased too. Now, there can be multiple games in action, arcade, or sports category.

Top 15 free Steam games

When it comes to steam games, it is very hard to select a good one, since there are already loads of free and paid steam games. Keeping it in mind, below we have reviewed some of the best free steam games. Now, I am going to tell you 15 best Games you can get it for free on steam.

  • Dota 2

Currently, Dota 2 is the best and trending games on steam. It is the best multiplayer game which can give a great experience. In Dota 2 there are two teams consisting of 5 players in both teams, the first team to destroy “the ancient” will be declared as victorious. Each and every player control a hero & each hero have their special powers or abilities. The game requires coordination between team-mates & right moves at the right time.

dota 2 - stream games

  • Paladins

Paladin is an awesome shooting game. It is also a multiplayer game which requires coordination and effort of each and every member of a team. The game has attracted a lot of gamers, and come in one of the best games in the steams. The game provides multiple characters to the gamers during the multiple sessions of the games. If you want to be victorious in the game, then your team will need better coordination, teamwork, strategy. Balance classes will help you to be victorious.

  • Planetside 2

The Gamers who love shooting games, “Planetside 2” is the most suitable game for them. The game has guns, tanks, jets, and many more things. It is one of the perfect balanced games in the market right now. You can choose between three continents & 6 classes. You can even join squads in this game and enjoy squad battles. The game even allows you to take a ride in a tank or jet. The game is having different types of weapons, and you can kill each other player melee. The game has a feature which can only get in paid games.

  • Path of Exile

The game is for those who want awesome graphics with an awesome gameplay as well. The game contains or played in a dark atmosphere which gives a great feeling to a gamer. Path of Exile is played in dumping ground for criminals, where you will have to choose one the seven characters (each character will be a prisoner). As similar to other games, each and every character in a game contains special powers or abilities. Overall you must give a try to this game if you only play good graphics.

path of exile - free stream games

  • Team Fortress 2

The game can entertain you for hours. Once again it is a shooting game. The graphics of the game are like cartoons or cartoon – styled. The game contains nine classes

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And these classes are divided into three groups namely “offense group” second- “support group” and third “defense group.” Apart from classes, you have to choose b/w two teams (team red & team blue). The game is having different types of modes. The game needs quick reflexes and better strategy then enemy.

  • Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a game which gives a feature like paid games. In my opinion, it is one of the best games I have ever played. It is an online multiplayer game. In this game, you can be in a dragon character. It is an action game which is loved by gamers all over the world. As similar to other game this game also having different classes and each class contains its special powers or abilities. The game is having a great story which gives an amazing time and great experience. This game allows you to create your quest and scenario.

  • Warframe

 This game is one of the best free games on steam. The game allows you to play as robot space ninja, and the game is also quite entertaining. The game is all about the race of ancient warriors, the mission of the games will be played in different planets. Player can be equipped with three weapon classes firstly primary weapons which carry rifle, bow, shotgun, etc… next class is secondary weapons which have better weapons than primary and then there is melee weapon which carries swords, hammer, axes, etc…  this game is completely different from other games I advise you to give a try to this.

  • Smite

Smite is one the MOBA game. In this game, the camera will be on the back of your character, so you will get a slightly better vision compare to other games. The new angle of the camera gives you the feeling of the old MOBA game. As the camera placed on the back, you will not will not able to see too far, that means you should have the quick reflex to kill your enemy. In this game usually, the player enjoys the melee attack, and if you want to kill your enemy from far, your shot should be accurate.

smite - free stream games

  • Wildstar

Wildstar is one the best games in the market which is now available on Steam for free. The game will be a player on the planet named as Nexus which looks completely strange and different. The game is carrying an awesome story which will give you a great experience. The game has eight different classes for the gamers; these classes are divided into two small groups who will fight for the control of Nexus. The game requires will require more skills of the user as his/her level goes up. The game is completely different and very much refreshing to the users.

  • EVE online

Eve online is the best MMO game, which comes with a lot of ammo. The game has around 8000-star system which can be visited by the players. The game gives you and experience of thousands of player battling on a single star system. The Eve online is one the largest battles in the gaming history, and most expensive as well. The game will be played in space, where player fights and they have to save their spaceships. They game to take fewer efforts compare to other games.

  • ArcheAge

ArcheAge is also one of the free games on steam which will refresh you and entertain you. In this game, each player has to select a class and move to the quest and increase their level. The game has an awesome story which will attract you to play this game again and again. The game is focusing on each and everything like fishing, farming, buildings, and much more. The game is having a fair gameplay and also caring the beautiful and impressive gameplay. The game will need time to unlock each and every village of the quest. In my advice, you should give a try to this game it will offering a great experience to the gamers.

archage - top 10 free stream games

  • Atlas Reactor

This game needs a team strategy game. It is an online multiplayer game which allows you to play with player worldwide. This game is one of the fast paced games which require quick reflex and you luck as well. Each and every player can choose actions once all players choose actions then you will get to know why this game is so much popular. You will need to keep moving from one place to another if you want to survive for long.

  • Dirty Bomb

Dirty bomb is a shooting game which will test your speed because it is one the fast pace game. This game has nothing new in it; it is just like “counter-strike.” The game is having lots of mission which will entertain you. You have to plant c4s on the place given in game while enemies will put their full effort to stop you. You can switch between attack and defense. The game has good graphics, and that is what matter for a god gamer. I must say dirty bomb is one the entertaining shooting games.

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  • Dead Island: Epidemic

Dead Island: Epidemic is one the best MOBA game, but as other MOBA game it is not a traditional game. You have to fight in this game against the undead. Dead Island has so many characters with different abilities and different play style. The game allows you take help to kills the zombies, and as you move forward in the game, you will get different abilities and powers. The game is easy to understand, and its story makes it more interesting and fun.

  • War Thunder

War Thunder is a game which can give you an experience of World War 2. The game is a fast-paced game which needs quick reflexes of the user. The game is a multiplayer online game which makes this game more awesome. It is the perfect balanced game in the market. You can select different vehicles in this game, whether it is sea based or air based vehicles. The game requires making strategy and planning to achieve the goals. While playing the game, the scenario looks too real and makes this game more fun to play. In my opinion, you must give a try to this game.

war thunder - best stream games

Final words

Eventually, these were some of the best free steam games that you can enjoy this weekend. Here, we have tried to cover multiple games in various categories so that you do not get bored easily.

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