how to troubleshoot comcast email

How to troubleshoot comecast email?

In this article, we will tell you about how you can troubleshoot Comcast email account. It is a bit of a lengthy process and needs a stepwise correct guidance for being done perfectly. With this article, you will get that stepwise perfect guidance and a proper way of getting it done. We will also tell you about how you can set up your Comcast email account which is different from other preset option in your device. So we will first start with the way to set up the Comcast email and then after we will go to the way on how to troubleshoot it.

how to troubleshoot comcast email

How to Set Up a Comcast Email in Mail?

Setting up your email account on your device is a very simple task. Some of the preset options for you are Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo, Google, AOL and email addresses. However, if you are a email user similar to many customers here at CityMac – set up the process for that can be a little tedious. So here is a quick and step-wise tutorial on how to get your Comcast email set up in Mail on your iOS device.

how to troubleshoot comcast email

Setting Up Your Comcast Email Account:

For the setting up of your Comcast email account all you have to do is to follow these following steps:

  1. At first, you have to click and open the “Settings” application.
  2. After that, you have to scroll down and then select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”
  3. Select “Add Account” after that.
  4. And then Select “Add Mail Account.”
  5. And then select “Other.” Type your first and your last name in the name field. After that, you need to enter your Comcast email and password. Comcast should be auto-filled for “Description.” Don’t enter Comcast in the name field, as that can cause problems in future.
  6. After that tap on next.
  7. You may not get this done, and there might be an error message prompt up, just keep on tapping next until it is done. After this is done, you have to once again go back to “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars” tab. Choose the non-working Comcast email account.
  8. Now you need to make sure that in the “INCOMING MAIL SERVER” area your Comcast username (without is in the “User Name” field. Also be sure and check that “Host Name” is Tap on the “SMTP” button once you have done that.
  9. First, you have to check that the “Server” is turned on, after that in the “OUTGOING MAIL SERVER,” be sure by checking that the “Host Name” is set as and that the “User Name” is your email of Comcast but without Make sure that “Use SSL” is checked and that “Authentication” is set to Password and that the “Server Port” is set to 587.
  10. From there you have to go back to the main Mail settings page and then tap “Advanced.”
  11. Do check that your “Use SSL” is on and the “Authentication” is set to “Password” and that the “Server Port” is on 995. After that, you have done this your account will be ready for receiving and sending email and data.

This was all about how you can set your Comcast email. Now we will tell you how you can troubleshoot the Comcast email in your device.

How to troubleshoot Comcast email?

Have any problem with your Comcast email? Well, you can solve most of them with the help of troubleshooting. First of all, you need to verify that you have a well-configured network and computer connections. You would need to make sure that your Comcast email account is rightly setup. Still, if the problem with your email client remains to exist, then you can also access your account with the help of the official Comcast webmail portal.

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Basic Troubleshooting:

Before you start with any of the complex solutions, you need to perform some of the basic troubleshooting in your PC and network connections. You need to start with restarting your PC, modem and your wireless router. Once you are done with this, then you need to check if your network connection is working or not just by visiting any website. In case you are not able to access the Web then you can click the “Network” icon that is at the bottom-right corner (if you are using) Windows 8.1 computer screen, select your Comcast XFINITY network, then you have to click “Connect,” and then you would need to enter your network password, if prompted.

Check Your Comcast Equipment:

Check that the connection to the router and modem is proper. Also, check that connections are not loose or are inserted into the wrong port. You can also check the Comcast XFINITY equipment manual to make sure that you have connected the cable as it should be. Also, make sure that all the bills are paid for your service to be working properly. The network might go down so make sure to remember it. You can also contact the Comcast and then find out about the network outages or any other technical problems that might be affecting your email.

View Your Current Email Settings:

To verify that the entered settings are correct you need next to open your email client. Based on the email application you will be using for Comcast email, the viewing of your setting will depend on. You can also view the setting in the default mail app for your Windows(8.1), it can be done by swiping your mouse to the bottom-right corner of your screen and then clicking on “Settings.” After that go and select your Comcast account and then you can view its current configuration. In Outlook 2013, you will see “File” on the main menu, click on it, there choose “Account Settings” and then select “Account Settings” again. Click your Comcast email account, and then you can click the “Change” button.

Verification of configuration of email account:

Verify that the email settings are configured properly in the email application of yours once you are done with it. In the email address field, there should be your full Comcast email address. The reading of the incoming and the outgoing server fields should be such that it read “” and “,” respectively. The incoming email port should read “993” and the outgoing “587.” You also might require to turn SSL encryption on.

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 Comcast Webmail use:

There is a webmail portal of Comcast’s XFINITY service that you can use to check your email as and whenever you want it in your web browser. You can use the webmail portal if you are having troubles with the use of regular mail application. Enter your full Comcast email address along with the associated password to log into it.

In case you forget about your email address or password then you can take help of this portal also at that time. Click the “Don’t know your email or password” link to recover both items. You can click on “Forgot Password?” in case you have forgotten about your email address password.


With this article, we helped you by telling about the Comcast email and how to troubleshoot it. It is a bit of a non-simple work and requires a lot of time and patience to be done. After reading this article, you can then easily troubleshoot your Comcast email. We hope that this article was of some great help for you and that you find it really informative. Hopefully, all of your doubts are clear after going through this article as mostly all of the part has been covered in this article regarding the troubleshoot of mail. In the beginning, we have also discussed how to setup the account which can also be beneficial for some others. However, since we always try to help our readers in the best possible way, please do not hessitate to contact us in case of any further assistance needed 😉

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