How to use Cydia: The BeginnersGuide

Cydia is a mobile application for iOS which allows iOS users to search and install software and applications on jailbroken iPads, iPhones, and iPods. If you’re new to this entire jailbreaking hype, you might want to know everything about Cydia, and worry not; this is the right place for you as we are going to give you a complete beginner’s guide on how to use Cydia on your iOS devices. Millions and millions of users heavily depend on Cydia and its applications for their jailbroken iOS devices but sure; there are just as many newbies out there. If you just jailbroke your iPad, iPhone or iPod, this whole Cydia thing might seem very new to you so in this article, we’ll not just help you with how to use Cydia, but we will also tell you what exactly is Cydia and about its features.

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How to use Cydia? The beginner’s guide:

Technically saying, one always learns more by doing. So we suggest you just dive right in into the Cydia app and explore it for yourself. But understanding how this app function is not as easy as it may seem. Even though Cydia is a store full of applications, themes, and tweaks, it’s still very different from a typical app store, so it’s better we dive into the details of this application together. Now, shall we?

What is Cydia? What is it used for?

To understand the concept of Cydia better, you must think of Cydia as the app store. On the app store, you find all the applications that are approved by Apple to get listed on its app store, and on Cydia, you find all the applications, themes, tweaks and applications Apple doesn’t allow to get listed on the app store.

It’s not that those applications are dangerous or anything, it’s just that Apple likes to have control over everything and is pretty selective when it comes to apps on its App Store. These restrictions placed by Apple can be frustrating especially when you want to change those boring status bars, themes, etc., but then that’s when Cydia comes handy.

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In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to compare Cydia to Google for a better understanding. You can look for all the amazing tweaks and applications on here. For jailbreakers, Cydia is no less than Google.

An interesting fact about Cydia is that the scientific word Cydia means a worm in an apple. The creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman or Saurik (the name he usually goes by in the JailBreak world), did a pretty good job at naming the application!

Another thing that you must note is that, if you haven’t jailbroken you iOS device yet, you need to do it if you want to instal this application. The reason is mentioned below.

Why do you need to jailbreak to install Cydia?

It’s very simple;, since we already know Apple is a control-freak, it doesn’t allow users to download third-party applications outside of the app store so in that case, you need to jailbreak your device. And Cydia is an application that specifically consists of all the applications, tweaks and settings Apple doesn’t allow on its app store, so it’s quite obvious that you won’t find Cydia on the app store. it is a heavily used application in this field. In fact, almost all the jailbreaking software install this app on your device by default. The Cydia app store enhances your iOS experience by letting you explore more and more applications, tweaks and themes.

Now, coming to all the amazing features Cydia has to offer you.

What are the features of Cydia? What is Cydia used for?

Cydia introduces to you an entirely different world that is full of amazing applications, beautiful and creative themes, app icons, setting and much more. It’s like a dream world for jailbreakers.

Themes – Applying a new theme to your phone can make it look so much better. In fact, it can give you the feel of a new phone. Almost every iPhone user wants to apply those cute and creative themes that Android users are able to download so easily, but unfortunately, Apple only allows you to change the wallpapers. That’s quite boring, isn’t it? it provides you with a never-ending collection of themes, if you search on Cydia, it can even lead you to Winterboard/Dreamboard themes. It’s an out of this world themes collection but be careful because it has so many beautiful themes that you might end up spending hours on there!

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Tweaks – You can tweak a lot of things by downloading applications from Cydia. Ever wanted to have customised icons for apps? Or beautiful font designs? Or change the looks of your lock screen and its patterns? Yes, you can do all of that now on your iOS device! Seriously, it’s like a dream come true for all the iDevice users.

Apps – There are tonnes and tonnes of apps on Cydia store that can sometimes completely transform the way your iPad, iPhone or iPod works. For example, biteSMS changes the way you text others. If you ever use biteSMS, you’ll begin to notice all the limitations on the stock messages app. Many users have absolutely fallen in love with biteSMS and are even ready to spend money to get an ad-free version of it. There are many such apps out there on Cydia store!

LockScreen Themes – If you are someone who gets bored of lock screen very often, you might be happy to know that Cydia has thousands and thousands of lock screen themes to offer you which can completely change the appearance of your lock screen. You can change the way your slider looks, or even make it disappear; you can add lots of additional information such as weather on your lock screen – the possibilities are endless here.

Functionality – Apple allows you to FaceTime only when connected to wi-fi, but some Jailbreak tweaks such as Facetime 3G allow you to face time even when connected to 3G networks. Then there are some settings that let you toggle settings from the notification centre.

Note that all these are developed by third-party developers, and you’d find them only in Cydia. Every one of these gets added and listed on the Cydia store through repositories (reports as they are popularly known), you then search for them and download them.

Repositories, Sources, Status on Cydia

There are some things that you should be aware of for when you start to use Cydia. But firstly, we suggest you explore these things side by side while reading this article, just to understand things better, you know.

how to use cydia - cydia sources

  • Sections – All the stuff found on Cydia store are divided into different categories, and this is where you find them. If you are a beginner and want to start with just a few apps and changes, then this is where you should look for. Browsing through sections and categories makes it easier for you to see all the stuff Cydia has to offer you.
  • Search – This place is the most visited by most users. Once you know about apps and themes offers you, you can easily find them in this location. Just search for it by its name or something related to the app, and there you have it, just download and install. This is the area you’ll coming back to the most after getting to know cool Cydia apps and tweaks.
  • Manage – Cydia accesses repos where packages are hosted so in case, you fail to find a particular tweak on Cydia search, you’ll just have to add the correct repository on where that particular tweak/package is hosted. This is one of the main reasons why users visit this ‘Sources’ section a lot.

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Manager also lets you know about the availability of space for the download of various apps. You can also add or remove packages from here. Not just that, it also tells you about the performance of these packages.

Below we are going to provide you with a step by step guide on how to do some certain things on Cydia

How to add a repository/source on Cydia?

Follow the steps to add a new source –

  • Open ‘Cydia’ and then go to ‘Sources.’ Then go to ‘edit’ and tap on ‘Add.’
  • Then enter the Cydia/APT URL in the space given and then click on ‘Add source.’

You will have to search for the URL source link for the tweak you are looking for. Just go to any search engine and type “name of the tweak source” in the search bar. Replace the name of the tweak by the actual name of it. Take the link from there and enter it in the dialogue box.

  • Cydia then adds the source, and in a while, a message will be displayed on your screen that says ‘complete.’
  • Click on ‘return to Cydia’

How to remove a repository/source on Cydia?

Tweaks do take up some space, so when you are no longer using a tweak, it’s better to remove it altogether.

  • Open ‘Cydia’ and then go to ‘sources’ and ‘edit.’
  • On the left-hand side, there’s a red circular remove icon, tap on it to remove the source

These two easy steps will help you remove the tweak/package altogether. If you need this tweak again, you can find its source and add it again.

How to install or update new jailbreak tweaks?

  • Open ‘Cydia’ then go to ‘Search’ and enter the name of the tweak you want to install

Note: Only the tweaks hosted by BigBoss and ModMyi sources are present by default, so if you can’t find the tweak you want to install then you need to add the source where that tweak is added.

  • If new tweak updates are out, then a badge can be seen on the ‘changes’ tab.

You should check this tab out frequently as developers keep updating the tweaks to support the latest iOS version.

how to use cydia - cydia sources

How to remove installed Jailbreak tweaks?

Often, it happens that a tweak is no longer compatible with the present iOS version so in that case or any case you may want to remove a tweak. Just with these steps, you can remove any tweak quickly

  • Open ‘Cydia’ then go to ‘Installed’ section and open the tweak you want to remove
  • Then go to ‘modify,’ ‘remove,’ and then ‘confirm.’

You can reinstall that tweak later if needed.

How to fix a boot loop caused by a jailbreak tweak?

At times, installation of tweaks that are not compatible with your iOS version can result in a boot loop. There’s no need to restore your iDevices via iTunes if any such instance occurs. Cydia provides a ‘No substrate mode.’ The ‘No substrate mode’ disables all the tweaks for some time. To enable this substrate mode, follow these steps-

  • iPhone 7 or iPhone plus users just have to hold down both the home and volume buttons for about 10-15 seconds, and it will restart. For other versions of iPhone, just hold down your home button and power button for the same time duration and your phone will restart

This puts your phone on substrate mode.

  • Open ‘Cydia’ and remove the tweak creating this problem

It can be hard to figure out which tweak is causing boot loop especially if you have many tweaks downloaded. Just go with trial and error method.

  • After solving the problem, restart your iPhone, and it will disable the substrate mode.

How to queue tweaks?

Installing/upgrading/removing tweaks can be time-consuming especially multiple tweaks. But Cydia allows you to do these tasks for multiple tweaks at one ago without even having to restart your Springboard (home screen). Follow the steps below to save your time by learning how to queue multiple tweaks in Cydia

how to use cydia - cydia impactor

  • Open the tweak in Cydia and then ‘modify.’
  • Select the operation you want to perform from install, upgrade and remove. Then click on ‘continue queuing.’
  • A red oval shaped Q’d badge will appear on the installed tab
  • After making all the desired changes, go to the installed button and click on ‘queue’ and then ‘confirm

This feature comes in really handy and saves you a lot of time.

Wrapping it up:

So here you have the complete beginner’s guide on how to use Cydia. We made sure to cover all the major features and functions of Cydia. Now you can go and explore all the amazing apps, themes, settings and much more things Apple doesn’t let you download from its app store. However, in case you face a confusion or any difficulty in installing a tweak, then please feel free to comment below 🙂

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