WifiKill for iOS without Jailbreak

WiFiKill for iOS : Your Wi-Fi connection is stable and works without any interruption, but at times, the performance of your Wi-Fi tends to get affected when there are multiple devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

More the numbers of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network; the less convenient it will get for you to browse the internet. At this moment, you might want to kill all the other devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. Well, you can do so with the help of this tool called WiFikill app.

WiFiKill App for iOS

wifi kill for ios - WiFiKill App for iOS
This app will do wonders in for iPhones and iPads. WiFiKill is now also available for iOS platform and iOS users allowing them to make the best use of this app.


Have you ever wanted to know who could be consuming your data from your Wi-Fi network? With the help of WifiKill you can search and scan the devices which are connected to your Wi-Fi, and you can manually remove or kill those devices from your Wi-Fi network with the help of WiFiKill.

Having your friends at your home is a good thing, and it’s obvious that they will use your Wi-Fi, but your Wi-Fi may have some unknown devices connected to it as well. So with the help of WiFiKill, you can spy on your neighbor whether they are using your Wi-Fi network or not.

How WiFiKill works

WiFiKill works with the help of internet connection. It collects all the information from the server and catches all the other devices which are connected to the wifi as the device or smartphone in which WiFiKill is working.

Every device, be it a smartphone, tablet, Mac or computer, have a unique address which gives them a unique server on the internet. WiFiKill scans the IP addresses and Mac addresses of the device on which the WiFiKill is running and find out all the devices.

Well, the mechanism of WiFiKill is not necessary for the users. The users want to kill the devices from third Wi-Fi network. This is somehow futuristic as you can kill the Wi-Fi of other devices without even touching the other devices.

This Wi-Fi manager is one of the best out there. WiFiKill is also very popular among the Android community. In fact, WiFiKill was first available for Android, and later it was made available for iOS since it gained popularity.

WiFiKill Pro for iOS

WiFiKill has two versions and one Pro version which is a great upgrade for iOS users. Although you can do your main objective in every version of WiFiKill, you can have more stability with the latest version of WiFiKill and WiFiKill Pro version.

There are also some speculations about WiFiKill which show that some users have problems with WiFiKill as it is not working properly. The main issue could be the problem of Jailbreak and rooting your iOS and Android device respectively. You can get more information about this on our website.

Let’s talk about WiFiKill and how you can install WifiKill App on your iOS devices.

Jailbreak for WiFiKill iOS

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WiFiKill needs jailbreak to work on iOS? If your iPhone or iPad doesn’t have jailbreak, then you won’t be able to run WIFiKill. Even the older version of WiFiKill will not work.

WifiKill for iOS no jailbreak can be a complicated term for the ones who are really geeky when it comes to smartphone technology. Jailbreak can help you make the most out of your iPhone or iPad.

You can get lots tutorials on how you can Jailbreak your iOS device on the internet. The method of Jailbreak differs with the iOS version. So check on the internet about Jailbreak and come back here to install Wifikill on your iOS device.


User interface of WiFiKill Pro

WiFiKill does not have all the belts and whistles which give little change to the app. It has minimal control over each feature or button functioning an important task.

On the home screen of WiFiKill, there will be the list of all the devices that are using the same Wi-Fi network as the device on which Wifikill is being used.

WiFikill gathers all sorts of information from the devices listed. You also get IP Address, Mac Address, Name of the device, upload, and download device.

You can instantly figure out which exact device is connected with the available information. The app also shows the data transferred by each devices using your WiFi

Download WifiKill App Pro version for free : WiFiKill pro apk download

There are two buttons ‘Grab All’and ‘Kill All.’ “Grab All” button is used to select all the devices on the list and “Kill All” is used to kill all the devices. After using the ‘kill all’ button, the devices which have been killed won’t be able to access to your Wi-Fi network anymore. Now you can have better internet experience after killing all the devices from your Wi-Fi network.

How to download and install WifiKill for iOS

WifiKill pro is compatible with all the new versions of iOS (iOS 7, 8, 9 and 10). You, also need Cydia installed in your iOS device and of course, your iPhone/iPad should be a jailbreak.

Steps to download and install WifKill pro on your iOS devices

1. Add this Cydia repo http://extigy.github.io/repo/.
2. Now you need to install netKillUIbeta in your Cydia which is installed on your iPhone.

WiFiKill for iOS
3. After installing netKillUIbeta, you need to tap on the app icon.
4. Now the app will open up, and you have to swipe down to get the option of IP address.
5. Now you can select the IP address or mac Address of the devices and kill them using your Wi-Fi.
6. As I’ve told you about the “Kill All” button, you can use it by tapping on it, and the devices will be eliminated from your Wifi network.

So that is how you can run Wifikill on your iOS device. The only big requirement is the jailbreak. Once you have jailbreak on your iOS device, the downloading process will seem much easier.

Easily kill the device which is affecting your Wifi connection with the help of WifiKill for iOS.

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